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FlamingoBingo · 13/09/2011 11:29

Not sure if this is the right place for this - my DD is only 8. But she's showing signs of puberty already.

The latest one is that she appears to be getting a few days here and there when she's particularly fragile and tearful as well as short tempered. We're just beginning to realise that it's cyclical and does appear to be happening kind of monthly.

She gets alternately excited, and terrified about growing up, but she said to me today 'Why do I get like this? I hate it'.

I don't know whether it'll put her mind at rest if we suggest that it may be the beginnings of a hormonal cycle starting, or whether it'll terrify her.

She says she hates herself when she gets like it Sad.

Can anyone offer any advice or experience for very early starters? Any supplements she could take to even things out a little?

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