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TTC after prem birth

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cluelessFTMhere · 18/02/2024 20:59

Just looking for stories of second pregnancies after having a prem baby. Curious as to whether you have more antenatal appointments and whether you are consultant led care throughout second pregnancy? I understand you have higher risk of having a prem baby but how many of you went full term second time round? Did you have any preventative measures such as the stitch etc? Our DS was 31 weeks and classed as spontaneous prem labour

OP posts:
Mummapenguin20 · 18/02/2024 21:08

1st baby 40 weeks
2nd baby 33 weeks
3rd baby 37+6 weeks
4th baby 37 weeks
3rd and 4th consaltant led care growth scans but everything else same x

AnnetteKurtan · 18/02/2024 21:11

My first was 27 weeks, spontaneous

I did get the odd extra scan and was on a progesterone trial , but I didn’t get much more than that

my second was 40+2, no stitch. I was given a private room after as it was available and I think the midwives insisted I got it after the trauma of the first!

graduallamination · 18/02/2024 22:19

1st was 23 weeks.
2nd was born on his due date.
I had a lot of additional scans - measuring cervical thickness if I remember correctly.

CoalCraft · 19/02/2024 11:51

1st was 33+1 weeks - spontaneous preterm labour.

My second pregnancy was therefore consultant led, though, absurdly, this started at 32 weeks, and I barely saw them thereafter anyway. Was given a couple of extra growth scans despite their being nothing wrong with baby #1's growth.

On midwife's advice I took low-dose aspirin from 12 to 36 weeks. Think this is more recommended when previous pregnancies have been affected by pre-eclampsia or poor blood flow through placenta, but it didn't hurt. I started getting regular Braxton-Hicks contractions at 23 weeks, having been plagued by these from 19 weeks in my first pregnancy, and was prescribed a progesterone pessary, again to stop at 36 weeks.

I'm not sure whether the medications helped or if DD2 never would have been prem but anyway she was born at 38+1, again with spontaneous labour.

fancyfrogs · 23/02/2024 16:58

DS1 was completely straight forward pregnancy then spontaneous labour and born 28+3
DS2 I was consultant led, had cervical length scans regularly throughout then 4 weekly reassurance/growth scans from 30 weeks. Born 38+1, no complications whatsoever with pregnancy or birth and no preventative measures 😊

Quicknamechangequery · 24/02/2024 18:41

Dc1 40+10, dc2 29+6 spontaneous and very fast- no steroids. Dc3 30+6 millions of scans pre this point and consultant led but no warning and negative fibronectin test two hours before birth 🤦🏽‍♀️. All babies totally fine and was scary for a while but such good care during third pregnancy.

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