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Nifedipine from 26 weeks

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RoRoBT · 19/01/2024 14:37

i All, reposting this from general thread hoping you might have some insight. I have found mumsnet so helpful throughout my pregnancy and just wondering if anyone has been or is in the same situation as me. I went into early labour at 26 weeks and after a week in hospital they were able to control it with drugs (nifedipine and progesterone). I’m now at 32 weeks and after horrific side effects to the drugs for the last 6 weeks my consultant has said today to stop all drugs. Has anyone has experience of taking nifedipine for this reason and how long after stopping it did you go into labour? Many thanks 😊

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CadyEastman · 23/01/2024 19:50

Just bumping for you Flowers

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