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Loughranx · 12/01/2024 20:56

Heya am just here to see if anyone else has had similar experiences or any advice so a year and a half ago I give birth to a beautiful baby girl but throughout my pregnancy at anit natal appioments I would be send up to hospital for bp series as I had protein in my urine aswell didn't think much of it at the time tbh but now as time is going on and we are having more and more appioments I question my pregnancy so here it goes from 25plus weeks my bp spiked I had protein in urine awful sickness swelling will attach a pic it was bad I even got asked at 33 weeks did my waters break as there wasn't as much fuild around the baby as there should be but there is just enough but like i said I didn't think anything of it. so I was in and out of hospital and always send on my way after a bp series then my baby was breach so I was booked for a section but they where worried about her growth so brought it forward to 38+1 and she was 4lb11 they couldn't figure out why she was so small and after it I was so sick something was wrong with my kidney I can't remember it wasn't a infection it was something else and I was bringing up blood was scary enough and I didn't think you could experience dizziness like it I asked do I have preelampsia as still high bp protein the baby weight kidney etc they said 1blood is elevated for it but the other isn't so they can't say for certain but I was like whatever am in hospital I didn't care but now it's effected me mentally as my wee girl is having so many appioments she's having her 3rd eeg for suspected seziures there have diagnosed her with development delay and no family member of mine or my partner has epilepsy the list goes on and I have questioned could I of had preelampsia and this has been the effect of it but I get no aswners anytime I ask so seeing here has anyone been through anything similar or is it just me worrying and it has nothing to do with my pregnancy sorry for the long post pic of feet during pregnancy

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Hiddenvoice · 12/01/2024 22:46

Sorry I didn’t want to read and run and don’t have a lot of advice really.
I’m sorry your little one is having some difficulties.
its so horrible as a parent to watch your little one upset and in pain so you’re bound to question everything.
It’s hard for anyone here to say if you had preeclampsia. It seems like your midwife did the right thing everytime by sending you up to get checked. I was sent up a few times as all my markers all indicated to preeclampsia but when in hospital, the tests weren’t certain so I was just continuously monitored.

I’m sure you could contact your health visitor (if you have one) and ask who you could contact to discuss your pregnancy care and the birth. See if anyone can explain the reasons to why it all happened the way it did.

CadyEastman · 17/03/2024 11:44

@Loughranx you can ask to see your notes too I think?

How is your DD now?

Loughranx · 17/03/2024 12:15

@CadyEastman I have saw my notes and everything pointed to preelampsia but I never got diagnosed and was neglected and my daughter has been diagnosed with global development delay along with epilepsy and now having to be put on medication so am still waiting on aswners I have alot of appioments coming up so I hope I can get aswners from them it's alot at the moment

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CadyEastman · 17/03/2024 13:08

You're right that pre-eclampsia can lead to GDD and epilepsy.

Have you spoken to a Pre-eclampsia charity like Action on Pre-Eclampsia? They might be able to help you go through your notes.

The SN Children Section on MN might be useful too on any issues that might come up with your DD Flowers

Loughranx · 17/03/2024 21:06

@CadyEastman I have been saying this to people and ones are thinking am crazy and I said to them to look it up as I have done my research and I need to find out if I had it as I had every sign n more pointing to it am finally getting some aswners but hopefully after a few more appioments I will know for certain.. oh I never knew there was a place like that I will look into it more over the next day or two and see if I can get answers thank you

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