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When to switch from nutriprem 2

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Twimum23 · 02/01/2024 10:54

Looking for some advice from anyone out there that has been on the nutriprem 2 and was just wondering when I should start to change to normal milk ie Sma by twins will be 6 months corrected age next month they was 2 months prem and currently weight just under 17lbs

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PrincessConsuelaBananaHammmock · 03/01/2024 17:29

We were on the SMA equivalent of Nutriprem and I was advised until 6 months corrected age.

Twimum23 · 03/01/2024 22:20

@PrincessConsuelaBananaHammmock how did your bubbas take to sma that was the milk I was gunna change to
did u change it of your own back or did u go doctors or anything ?

OP posts:
Twimum23 · 03/01/2024 22:21

@PrincessConsuelaBananaHammmock did u wait till the was 6 months corrected or did u start before ?

OP posts:
PrincessConsuelaBananaHammmock · 03/01/2024 22:45

I changed at 6 months corrected because that’s what I was advised when we first started the formula. Just changed to normal SMA and it seems fine. I’ve used the regular pre-made liquid SMA before 6 months corrected on the odd occasion when I was driving long distances and needed to feed baby as I didn’t want to faff with warming or cooling formula. He fed the same as always.

My understanding is that the prem baby formula is higher calorie and has a higher protein content than regular formula but should otherwise be the same.

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