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29 weeker Intolerance to fortifier?

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LostInSpace190 · 29/12/2023 11:20

Hello, hoping someone has any experience with this? I am really worried about my son in the NICU.

My son was born at 29 weeks + 5 days via C-section. He is now 34 weeks and is being fed my expressed breast milk through NG tube in his nose. Every time they get him up to full feeds and start adding fortifier he stops tolerating it and vomits, his stomach gets distended and they end stopping his feeds.

This is the second time they’ve tried and they have just stopped his feeds again this morning due to vomits and bloating overnight.

Can this be due to the fortifier? Has anyone else had this experience? I feel so alone because the doctors keep saying it is unusual and I can’t find anything about this online?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 29/12/2023 13:30

What's in the fortifier?
Do you have an ingredients list for it?

dementedpixie · 29/12/2023 13:33

Looks like it's cows milk based. Could be intolerant or allergic to cows milk protein and that's what's causing the bad reactions to it

CoalCraft · 31/12/2023 16:03

My 33-weeker got horribly constipated on fortifier. I think it was just too rich for her. In the end on my insistence the fortifier was stopped and she went back to just expressed breast milk with vitamins. She was fine after that and continued to gain weight just fine.

No I'll effects when transferred to formula at 4 months so no cow's milk intolerance, I assume.

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