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Which hospital, Lincolnshire?

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Ljelsom · 20/10/2023 05:58

Hey All
First time poster here.
I've just found out I'm expecting my second baby.
My DD was born at 29 weeks, I was a high risk pregnancy so had quite involved pre natal care because I'd had a lot of consultation with doctors around getting pregnant.

Since then I've moved from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire. My daughter was born in Leeds where there is a specialist neonatal care for the region so it was an easy choice for which hospital to choose for prenatal care.

Where we now live, there isn't a hospital, so I'll have to travel to a nearby town / city. I think my choices and Lincoln/Grimsby/Scunthorpe.

Does anyone had experience of neonatal care at these hospitals and /or caesarian birth at them?

In going to try and contact my consultant in Leeds to ensure my birth debrief is shared with my new doctors as I hope to do everything I can to minimise my risks.

OP posts:
CobwebsAndCauldrons · 20/10/2023 07:06

No experience of neonatal care but had a relative treated for aggressive cancer at Lincoln (they are now clear) and they were brilliant. It's also an easy hospital to get too.

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 20/10/2023 08:23

No experience sorry just wanted to say congratulations on your PG and hopefully this will bump for you Wink

Neverhadapaddle · 21/10/2023 18:18

Grimsby and Scunthorpe are level 2 units so can accept babies born 27 weeks and above. They are also still part of the Yorkshire and Humber neonatal network despite being outside of Yorkshire geographically. They both feed into Jessops in Sheffield as their level 3 unit (equivalent to LGI). Still covered by embrace (who probably moved you from LGI to Jimmy's at some point I would take a guess at!) Both are good units. I know less about Lincoln because I've never worked in that region. Fingers crossed for a big term baby for you though!

Ljelsom · 21/10/2023 21:39

Thank you!

Someone had told me that Scunthorpe and Grimsby would feed into Hull, but I thought it was Sheffield so it's reassuring to hear someone else say Sheffield. I have a feeling Lincoln may feed I to Nottingham.

At the minute I'm leaning towards Grimsby... It's pretty easy to get too, and it's fairly equal distance for my parents, siblings and me so if (when) I need support, it's convenient for my family. My sister had both.of hers at Grimsby and she says good things (although not neonate babies).

Also looking for others opinions and will see what the midwife suggests. Term baby is highly unlikely unfortunately, my consultant back in Leeds said he'd be happy if I made 32-34 weeks in any subsequent pregnancy so that's what I'm trying to prepare myself for. Any later is a bonus!

OP posts:
BuzzyBeeonaBusyBus · 21/10/2023 21:48

Lincoln feeds into Nottingham. My friend had her micro preemie at Nottingham and then she’s transferred to Lincoln once she’s better

Personally I had my two full term ones at Lincoln, both times awful. They were medically negligent and admitted it (less than 2 years ago)

zerored · 21/10/2023 21:49

Heard lots of good things about Grimsby for maternity care

Neverhadapaddle · 21/10/2023 22:00

Apologies, you are right! I completely forgot about hull! Also a very good level 3 unit though. You have to think about the wider picture geographically. The network in which the hospital you book at lies is responsible for finding you a bed at a level 3 unit if you need it. The level 3s in y&h are Leeds, Sheffield, hull and Bradford. East mids network the level 3s are Nottingham and Leicester off the top of my head. Obviously if there are no beds in your region you could be switched between so it's hard to base a decision on that alone, but it's worth considering I guess.
Fingers crossed you get to 32/34 weeks!

Ljelsom · 24/10/2023 16:47

Had a call with the midwife yesterday who confirmed that Lincoln would feed to Notts or Leicester, so I think that takes Lincoln off the cards for me.

Grimsby and Scunthorpe both have virtual tours on YouTube and Grimsby looks alot nicer so I'm leaner towards that one... especially as I know others who have given birth there recently.

Midwife did tell me I could have the baby back in Leeds if I'd prefer which is something to think about.

OP posts:
ktsch · 27/10/2023 12:49

We are currently in Grimsby NICU and have been for the last month. The staff are amazing and our level of care has been excellent. I cannot fault them at all. However it is only a level 2.
My son was born at 34 and 2, alot of parents I've spoken to on the ward with 25-30 weekers have been in hull or first and then transferred once they are that bit older in gestation.
In Grimsby there are three flats that parents can stay in but it is based on availability/ priority. We've been lucky to have a flat our whole stay.
If you have any specific questions I can try answer as best I can based on our experience
Hope you are all okay xx

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 03/11/2023 07:21

Hope your LO is doing well @ktsch Flowers

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