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NG fed and weaning.

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MrsKLO · 26/08/2023 19:05

Hi all, sorry I’m new to this site so bear with me if things are wrong etc.

My son, now 10 months old, was born at 28 weeks, following PPROM at 22 weeks.

He was super sick at birth, spent a long time in the NICU, needed some surgery etc and as a result he’s been NG fed since birth and has never taken to a bottle / cup etc to take fluids.

We’ve been weaning onto solids since we got permission from all involved but we’re making no real progress.

He refuses to be spoon fed but doesn’t have the dexterity to use the spoon himself (the food falls off before it gets to his mouth). He’s ok with snack type foods - melty crisp sticks, biscuits and he will suck melon and apples, that type of thing, but it’s not in large quantities.

There’s no structural reason he can’t eat/drink, he just won’t. Now the hospital are saying he might need a PEG rather than the NG as a more permanent solution.

I don’t have an issue with a PEG per se but I really don’t want him intubating again (he was intubated at birth and as a result has severe lung disease and is on home oxygen) as I have a really bad feeling that if he gets intubated he will never get off the vent again. (I’m aware this is my own anxiety rather than any actual science to it but I can’t help how I feel).

I’m just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation? Did it all just click developmentally in the end ? Has anyone had a baby with a PEG?

Of all the things I thought could be wrong with him it never entered my head that he could have problems eating and I’m struggling to come to terms with it I think.

Thanks all for reading my post xx

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 27/08/2023 10:20

I'm so sorry that you haven't had any replies @MrsKLO.

I've not had a baby with this but my DF did. He's now a strapping 6ft plus teen.

I hope you get some replies and that you've been assigned a Dietician specialising in tube peg feeding and food refusal Flowers

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