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26+2 spotting and slightly open cervix

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Olzy · 27/07/2023 19:25


I’m hoping it’s ok to post this here I could just really do with some reassurance? 
I had a small bleed yesterday at 26+2. The blood was red and on wiping, I went to be monitored baby was happy heartbeat good and movement etc. they did an internal and the doctor noted that my cervix was soft and open 0.5cm the midwife looked and said yes but it’s long. Anyway! The doctor went off to speak to the consultant to get their opinion but they just said they weren’t worried as I had had a baby previously (albeit an emergency c section, we did try vaginal first) and sometimes the cervix can be slightly open and never close. 
has anyone else had this before? I’m just worried with the blood aswell as the open cervix? They sent me home and just said any pains or more bleeding to go back! Now I’m left scared to go to the toilet! 

Thank you!

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 05/08/2023 12:41

So sorry that you haven't had any responses to this @Olzy. How are things now?

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