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ash677x · 14/07/2023 18:04

Hey my wee girl was born 12 weeks early last year.. she's corrected to be 10 months now, Has any mums with premature babies struggled to get them to eat solid foods? She will eat pureed foods, yoghurts.. soups, Strawberries cut up, watermelon, melty crisps.. but she really struggles with anything solid I've tried her with toast, pancake, pasta loads of things like that and she just won't take to it at all then I'm worried she's still hungry 😭

OP posts:
SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 18/07/2023 20:48

Mine wasn't early but did struggle with solid foods they needed to chew. Turned out he had Tongue Tie.

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 05/08/2023 12:40

How are things now @ash677x?

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