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Risk of prem baby. Positive fibronectin at 26 weeks

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sahm9 · 05/07/2023 19:13

Back story- waters broke with my previous child at 21+4, very difficult pregnancy on bed rest but made it to 37 weeks before section.

This pregnancy- 
Been under pre term clinic, everything looked okay up to today. Had some tightenings 3 weeks ago so had a fibronectin done at my pre term appontment which came back at 4- negative result with low percentages of pre term labour. 
Plan was another fibronectin today and probable discharge from pre term clinic as I’m now 26 weeks. To my horror the results were 53 for FFN but cervix long and closed 42mm.
Plan going forward is to repeat again in 2 weeks to see if it’s going up and to go to triage if I have labour signs.

I feel really scared and confused, worried about having a prem baby…
can anyone share any stories or advice? Thanks

OP posts:
SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 14/07/2023 11:34

Just bumping for you @sahm9

Letterposter · 16/08/2023 22:47

@sahm9 i hope you’re ok, you must be 32 weeks by now?

I gave birth at 34 weeks, this is after my daughter threatened to come at 28 weeks. had the stitch and hoped and prayed for minimum 32 weeks which is apparently the golden stage.

daughter was completely fine, didn’t need to go to nicu and we took her home after three days of being monitored

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