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PappaToBoy · 12/06/2023 14:15

Hi everyone,

I would really like some help, I have had an awful morning, I got my son awake for his 7:30 feed, he is 6 days old, he had a feed at 4:00am then back to sleep no problems, so I went to change his nappy to wake him up, and out of nowhere he started choking, like he couldn’t breathe gasping for air throwing his arms around, in the moment I stayed controlled, patted his back and he was was struggling for air and after. A minute he started breathing normally and screaming, he had a thick saliva and some bubbling coming out, like I have never heard him scream like that, I called an ambulance which was unhelpful so got him dressed and rushed to A&E, all his obs came back perfect, the doctor explained it could be or most likely is fluid from birth coming up, and he is okay, now I’m absolutely terrified, they said it’s nothing to worry about, but ofcourse I’m scared, any one had this before? I just want to know as he said it’s common but I am so scared, I felt helpless and honestly thought the worst.

thank you everyone.

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 20/06/2023 21:48

That must have been awful and I'm so sorry that you haven't had any replies.

How are you both now?

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