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low nasal bone?

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KS23 · 04/06/2023 19:30

Hi there. First of all no judgements I am just curious as I have noticed.

My preemie who was born at 32+5 and now 8 weeks old - spent 28 days in NICU - is overall doing really well apart from having to
Go back for a virus. He had no breathing, heart or brain problems after birth at all. 

I had 1 in 10,0000 for harmony test for all trisomies, and never an abnormal ultrasound (and I was being scanned a lot) at all during pregnancy however I wondered if my sons nasal bone is short? I am confused as he spent so much time in NICU surly someone would have picked up on somethings we he was being monitored SO closely?

Otherwise he is feeding well, good neck control and is doing tummy time, very very alert looking around etc... 

low nasal bone?
low nasal bone?
low nasal bone?
low nasal bone?
OP posts:
CoalCraft · 04/06/2023 19:49

He looks like a completely normal and very beautiful baby to me OP xx

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 24/06/2023 19:21

How are you both getting on now @KS23? Have your fears been allayed a little yet?

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