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Lzppo · 30/05/2023 07:59

I have a 5 week newborn and he is on Aptamil infant milk 1. He has an issue with a bad case of constipation and it has been recommended that I put him on Aptamil Comfort (for constipation). This bad case of constipation has only happened once but he was having bad pains all day and it was only after hours he went.

Question should I change him completely to the Aptamil Comfort or just add it in every other day with the standard Aptamil 1 infant milk.

Thanks for your help

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Lzppo · 30/05/2023 13:01


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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 31/05/2023 19:03

Congratulations @Lzppo. If it was me I'd swap over completely.

How are things today? Flowers

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