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Cervix Funnelling at 33 weeks

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AST90 · 23/03/2023 11:41

Had a consultant appointment on Monday and an ultrasound confirmed that my internal cervix is funnelling. My CL is 3cm. I got sent for a preterm labour test & waters breaking and both were negative. They sent me on my way.

Since then, specifically starting yesterday afternoon I’ve been having BH on/off and some serious backache and cramps, the pressure in my pelvis feels as though this baby is about to pop out, finding it difficult to walk without the pain/pressure. Frequent need to urinate but barely any urine!

I took a bath yesterday which helped with the cramps for about an hour and then I got into bed and laid on my left side and they ramped up again. It’s not super painful but more uncomfortable. I also had loose bowels morning which then quickly changed to constipation but the feeling of still needing to go. I was sick as well and can’t tell if I peed myself or had some waters go whilst being sick. Sorry TMI!!

What is going on! I don’t want to call triage and go back as I was there Monday and everything looked fine.

Anyone know how quickly things can change with your cervix or anyone had anything similar?

I also lost my mucus plug about 12 days ago and have had increased discharge ever since! I spoke to my midwife late evening yesterday and she advised if cramps don’t subside or get worse to call triage but they’ve pretty much stayed the same on/off.

OP posts:
CoalCraft · 24/03/2023 08:41

This does sound like labour to me OP - diarrhoea, feeling like you need to poo but but can't, vomiting, bit to mention the BH contractions. I'd go back and be seen again. Don't let them fob you off because your contractions don't hurt. With both of my babies (one if whom was born at 33 weeks) my contractions didn't get painful until 20-30 mins before baby was out and I was needing to push, and in both cases I barely made it to the delivery room. With DD2 I very nearly gave birth in the car!

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