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Partner being told to wait for cervical stitch, still waiting 8 days later - anyone else experience this or any advice?

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WJones94 · 31/08/2022 10:43

At our 20 week scan last Tuesday we found out that my partners cervix has opened, they admitted her to hospital explaining she's at risk of premature birth. As she had some 'sludge' identified on the scan they have been treating her with antibiotics in case it's an infection and progesterone to hopefully stop anything from progressing. We were told we'd have to wait for the cervical stitch / rescue stitch in case it was an infection. After waiting and waiting terrified she finally got scanned again 6 days later on Monday and the situation is pretty much the same, the doctor no longer thinks the sludge is an infection as there's been no change with the antibiotics and she has had no symptoms (heart rate fine, our babies heart rate fine, blood pressure fine, no bleeding, no pain etc) but we're still being told we need to wait for until this Friday for the stitches in case her cervix changes, but on the other hand they're telling us to prepare for a loss and that we might not make it to Friday. Has anyone ever experienced something similar, we don't know what to do whether to push for the stitch despite the risk of it triggering or to wait and it to be potentially too late and we lose our baby girl?

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PritiPatelsMaker · 31/08/2022 20:17

That sounds so difficult. Have they said why you have to wait?

CoalCraft · 01/09/2022 06:45

That sounds hard I'm so sorry. If you can, try and get the medical staff to sit down and explain everything to you in understandable terms. They are supposed to do this anyway but rarely actually do.

Then, once you know why they want to wait till Friday you'll be better placed to question the purpose of it.

Crossing everything for your little girl.

ninadust17 · 18/08/2023 11:30

Please can I ask how you guys got on? I'm sorry to hear you went through this.

I'm having a similar situation with the sludge.

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