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Couple of early pg questions

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anchovies · 25/06/2005 09:09

Have just found out I'm pg (4 weeks) and have got the leakiest boobs ever. Just wondering if this normal and whether it will carry on all the way through?

Also have got what seem like bad period pains. Am generally very uncomfortable. Don't remember this last time but also didn't know I was pg until I was 8 weeks either so that might be why?

OP posts:
hester · 25/06/2005 09:23

Congratulations anchovies!

Lots of women seem to get period-type pains in early pregnancy (though strangely they don't often tell you about this in the books). Obviously you need to watch you for acute pain (could be ectopic) or bleeding (could be miscarriage) but I think what you are describing sounds very like what I had.

Good luck

Fran1 · 25/06/2005 09:23


period pains are normal. I had them and i've read other mumsnetters did too. I think i got them for first three months everytime i would have been due on - scares you thinking you are going to come on doesn it. But you won't, its normal.

didn't have leaky boob, but have a feeling that is normal too - i just had the most painful, supersensitive boobs!


AnotherHelen · 25/06/2005 09:32

Congratulstions anchovies! its hard not to worry isnt it? i know i had really very uncomfortable cramps and even some bad pains sometimes with this baby and they even had to scan me quite early as i was in so much discomfort that they thought i had an ectopic! - but everything is fine and ive got to 27 weeks and had no more problems from about 12 weeks really, as far as the leaky boobs go i had them with my second pregnancy but not with this one, other than it being really annoying i dont think its anything other than another one of those pregnancy things! congrats again sweetheart, good luck!!! xxx

anchovies · 25/06/2005 09:36

Thanks everyone - and so the pregnancy paranoia begins! Was so sure I would be calmer second time around but obviously not!

OP posts:
hester · 25/06/2005 10:13

Welcome (back) to the madhouse

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