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New and 5+4 ! Hi!

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Carly · 15/05/2003 11:14

Hi everyone!

Im carly and 5+4 weeks. Already had a few blodd tests and they have all come back ok and have an early scan on monday (6+1) I am taking sanatogen pronatal and drinking lots of water and fresh juices! Fingers crossed for me! Any other tips?

C x

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 15/05/2003 12:49

Just enjoy it!

Welcome to Mumsnet.

meanmum · 15/05/2003 12:52

Yes, definitely enjoy your pregnancy. I brushed mine off as nothing important when it really was. I didn't know that until ds was born mind you. I'm slow to catch on.

People will love to chat with you about either being pregnant if they're not or their experiences if they are/were. Revel in everything your body is doing as it truly is a wonderful time and the ending is spectacular.

Welcome to mumsnet and hope we chat more.

NQWWW · 16/05/2003 00:11

Hi Carly - welcome to mumsnet! Will this be your first baby?

Carly · 27/05/2003 16:24

Yes, this is my first. i am 7+2 now and getting more and mroe excited!

OP posts:
M2T · 27/05/2003 16:28

Hi Carly - how are you feeling? Judging by the tone of your posts it sounds like you're feeling fab!

How was your first scan? When are you due??

aloha · 27/05/2003 16:44

Hmm, my tips are don't stress but instead, enjoy your kip, have afternoon naps, lie in together at weekends, go for dinner with your partner, see movies, have sex, go out on a whim without having to fix up a babysitter, have brunch in nice cafes, go to exhibitions, concerts (anything un-childfriendly), lie by a pool and read a book (definitely go on one last great holiday before you get too huge) ... in short, enjoy being free. Being a mum is totally fantastic (wouldn't swap it for the world) but it's very different to being childless! Oh, and congratulations!

EJsMum · 27/05/2003 17:51

Congratulations Carly ! I second all those things that Aloha said.

Aloha - Sorry I was a bit of a dragon earlier

aloha · 27/05/2003 18:33

EJ's mum, I'm glad you've forgiven me. I didn't mean to upset you. Also glad all is fine with your children.

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