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Permission to vegetate

11 replies

nobby · 13/05/2003 13:21

Since getting pregnant I've been using my toddler's nursery sessions (2 mornings a week, term-time only) to go back to bed, or sit in the sun with my feet up, or buy Heat magazine and cake, or lie on the settee under a blanket.

Now, however, I'm 14 weeks and feeling much better and this necessary self-medication is starting to feel (gasp) like an indulgence and that I ought to start cleaning the house or something.

Can anyone help?

OP posts:

SoupDragon · 13/05/2003 13:33

Don't be ridiculous. My DSs are 2 and 4 and in nursery 2 days a week - I'm just on my way to the sofa with an icecream and a book!!


Frenchgirl · 13/05/2003 13:40

There's nothing better than self-indulgence when kids at nursery/school, and then when they come home you're ready to be super mummy again. I tend to record ER and Sex and the City and have a special lazy Thursday morning watching them. Am I bad????


meanmum · 13/05/2003 13:42

None of you are bad. Everyone needs time to themselves and as the job of a mum is never ending (and relentless) you all especially deserve it.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Make the most of it.


nobby · 13/05/2003 14:19

This is definitely helping...

But can anyone tell me whether BB4 will have finished before the summer holidays start - and nursery ends? So I can alternate sunbathing with ITV2 all the way through.

OP posts:

EmmaTMG · 13/05/2003 14:21

Can't answer your BB4 question but permission is definatley granted......after all thats what nursery is for isn't it!


susanmt · 13/05/2003 14:26

And even when they are around, there's always Cbeebies for them and Mumsnet for you ......


nobby · 13/05/2003 14:31

Susanmt Errrr, yep. Better go and check on him.

OP posts:

meanmum · 13/05/2003 14:34

Good question Nobby. Hope someone knows the answer. While we're at it can anyone tell me how I manage to stay awake during work whilst staying up late to watch Big Brother when it is on. All tricks apart from toothpicks to hold open the eyelids appreciated.


Marina · 13/05/2003 15:13

Draw eyeballs onto your closed eyelids very carefully, Meanmum. Make sure you are well propped-up in your chair and slumber away. It's fooled people before...


EmmaTMG · 13/05/2003 15:13

Sod it, just phone in sick!


monkey · 14/05/2003 10:00

Good question nobby - I've been stupid- doing the running around thing (oh, and lots of mumsnet) - will now plan nice sitting-in-garden session.

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