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Can anyone recommend ..

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ChaCha · 18/05/2005 14:37

ante-natal DVD/video? You know for exercise, pilates, yoga, general etc..

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TrophyWife · 18/05/2005 14:38

have you tired ebay? or asking your MW?

ChaCha · 18/05/2005 14:58

will check ebay out..thanks

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CADS · 18/05/2005 17:39

Hi Chacha

I have a few though haven't got round to using them yet (too lazy).

Pilates In Pregnancy by Lindsey Jackson

Yoga For Pregnancy And Childbirth by Wendy Teasdill

Best thing to do is get your local blockbuster (if you're a member) to order them in for you to rent, you can try them and see if you like it, before buying. My blockbuster did this for me. If you go to their website you can see what dvds they do and your branch should be able to get hold of a copy for you.

Also, if you can join an ante-natal exercise class, they great way to meet other moms. I joined an yoga class when I was pregnant with ds and I can't explain how much I enjoyed. The class made me feel like I was really bonding with baby and it was the only time I had that completely focused on baby and me and nothing else.


bonym · 18/05/2005 17:49

I've got an ante/post-natal video that you can have for the cost of postage & packing. CAT me if you're interested.

ChaCha · 18/05/2005 21:44

Have just edited my profile to allow CAT, so hopefully you get my msg!

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