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Maternity Clothes - any suggestions?

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AbsolutePlonker · 19/03/2021 12:55

Just wondered if any of you had any 'must buys' for maternity. Everything I've ordered so far is hideous material, doesn't fit very well, etc and rather fed up of going to the post office. If this was 'normal' I could try stuff on, but no luck! I've tried ASOS, GAP & New Look. I have had some luck with H&M (my tops/jeans are from there). I just want SOME nice clothes, even if I'm not going out!
I'm 28 weeks, started my pregnancy at 9st, size 10, 5'5' and 32B, and I'm now 11st so feeling a bit....not myself. I'm bursting out of the maternity jeans (H&M) I bought back in week 20 (they still fit on the legs/hips but not bump), and I bought a 34C bra and that no longer fits either :P My boobs are super uncomfortable and I feel like a slob. I used to enjoy wearing tights, skirts and jumpers (bit of a rock-chick vibe going on).
Any tips on where to shop? Did you even bother? Thanks lovelies!

OP posts:
Fleetw00d · 19/03/2021 13:11

I found nice leggings and long tops a life saver, I pair it with a leather jacket and long boots or my timberlands and feel more like myself but still comfy. Love leggings do good quality maternity leggings that are thick but stretchy. You could also look at oversized jumpers or stretchy tops that aren't maternity and just get them in bigger sizes, I'm 39 weeks and still managing to fit into some pre pregnancy tops! Maybe a few nice cardigans as the weather starts to warm up, jojo maman bebe have some nice maternity/nursing wrap ones, or just standard ones from any shop would do the trick, I wear mine with a long vest or thin jumper and leggings.
I think midi or maxi tight black dresses with either a jacket or cardi and then weather suitable shoes look great with a bump, I got a really nice one from my friend that she got from new look and if I was going to be pregnant over late spring summer I would have got multiple!
To be honest I stopped wearing my maternity jeans early on in the second trimester because I just wasn't comfortable and felt like they were squishing my bump, quickly moved to nice black leggings that will also be good for a few weeks post birth.

I know how you feel though, I found the same especially being in lockdown and not having any cause to wear actual clothes. I used to love skinny jeans and leather jacket with a pair of boots so tried to do a similar look with added comfort. I never wanted to spend much money on maternity clothes though because I would only be in them for a short time, so finding stuff you could wear post birth or second hand (site called baby bundle do loads) works out much cheaper!

Also buying yourself a nice pair of shoes might make you feel better, I got myself some timberlands that I had always wanted that I could justify buying as I hadn't spent much on clothes!


Puffalicious · 19/03/2021 13:21

Sainsbury's have a new range. Just bought my niece the denim dungarees and she loves them. Might see something there.

eternalflame2020 · 19/03/2021 15:31

Hey, I second Tu clothing from Sainsbury's. I've just bought some over the bump shorts and vest tops because I'm a walking furnace and also wanted something ready for when the weather gets nicer. They're a good fit and comfy.

Seraphine and jojo bebe maman do have some nice things but they aren't cheap! I got a few things as Christmas presents.

Otherwise boohoo over bump leggings are my favourite item I own!

I found h&m quality poor and sent back a lot of what came.

Chelyanne · 19/03/2021 16:00

I just live in leggings and stretchy tops.

Dresses are always good to make you feel a bit more dressed up. You can actually get away with some non-maternity ones in certain floaty styles too (bump size dependent).

lamptastic · 20/03/2021 07:41

I'm plus size and very tall but totally resonate with not feeling yourself during pregnancy. It's bad enough with the pregnancy symptoms, then having to lose a bit of identity when it comes to expressing myself with my clothing!

Love leggings do excellent maternity leggings, they bobble a tad where my thighs try and start fires but they have longer legs and a good bump panel, I'm 32+ weeks and still have room when I chose my pre partum size.

Snag tights are what I wore pre pregnancy, a little pricey per unit but super stretchy and bounce back wash after wash. They pull she stay right above the bump with no rolling down and I haven't changed sizing in pregnancy either.

Dresses from New look or Dorothy Perkins can be hit and miss but I have found the Jersey type more flattering and more comfortable. Dorothy perkins comes up big so be careful. 😄

Jeans have been a minefield so can't really advise but I found the over bump ones more supportive in the later stages. The under bump ones make me feel like my gut is trying to escape and it's just not particularly comfortable 🙃

I do still fit in a few pre partum tops, anything tunic style or stretchy tees. BTW there's an ACDC maternity tee in Sainsburys that complements your rock vibe right now.

ElderMillennial · 20/03/2021 10:24

I have some h&m jeans, t shirts from h&m and new look, some nicer tops from JoJo and Seraphine

Just bought some clothes Sainsburys based on this thread

I got some dungarees, leggings, a sweatshirt, four t shirts plus 2 t shirts for DH and 2 baby outfits for about £100

unlimiteddilutingjuice · 20/03/2021 10:39

Primark do a kind of stretchy skirt that's basically just a tube of fabric.
I absolutely swear by these.
Super comfortable over the bump.
Comes in loads of different colours.
Costs a fiver.
You can't go wrong.

Amrythings · 20/03/2021 10:47

I'm 25 weeks now and have H&M and Mamalicious (ASOS sale section) jeans, an ASOS oversized t-shirt and a couple of New Look and H&M multi-pack tops new this pregnancy and a load of Mamalicious plain jersey dresses from last time that I wore to work with tights and boots and then alone with flats. Plus a couple of pairs of H&M shorts. Only problem is that they don't really suit working from home and fielding the energiser bunny that is DS... I'm probably going to need more nice tops, which is going to be tough H&M's range isn't half as nice this year and everywhere else leans a either a bit too trendy or too bloody expensive.

MissBPotter · 20/03/2021 10:50

I’ve got some quite nice bits from H&M but found there’s a lot of crap out there! I only want to wear cotton really or it gets itchy and sweaty! Got some organic cotton bits from H&M and nice dungarees. Leggings from m&s and some big/oversized sweaters and dresses from Zara. Some non maternity dresses still fit. I am really lost for bras though, I used to be a 32E but my back seems to have expanded and possibly a cup size bigger, so it’s so difficult. I found all nursing bras from last time really dug in and were horrible.

Lou98 · 20/03/2021 10:56

Love Leggings maternity leggings are definitely the best thing I've bought this pregnancy, I have a few pairs now and not too expensive either!

A lot of my other stuff I have is from Boohoo maternity, personally I'm really happy with it all and again, it's good price wise and they often have sales on and fast delivery too! If there's stuff you don't like it's easy enough to return, print off the returns label and they usually have local shops you can return to to save the trips to the post office!

Fleetw00d · 20/03/2021 14:30


I’ve got some quite nice bits from H&M but found there’s a lot of crap out there! I only want to wear cotton really or it gets itchy and sweaty! Got some organic cotton bits from H&M and nice dungarees. Leggings from m&s and some big/oversized sweaters and dresses from Zara. Some non maternity dresses still fit. I am really lost for bras though, I used to be a 32E but my back seems to have expanded and possibly a cup size bigger, so it’s so difficult. I found all nursing bras from last time really dug in and were horrible.

I got some super comfy nursing maternity bras from amazon, a brand called Hofish. They have removable pads and are seamless with no underwire, really stretchy so will adapt to changing sizes!
PerspicaciousGreen · 20/03/2021 14:43

I ended up loving my jersey maternity/nursing dresses. I bought them off eBay and I'm still wearing one now, and the one year old baby is asleep upstairs! I just wore regular tights with them and pushed them down under the bump.

Seraphine, Frugi and Jojo Maman Bebe are all great brands to search for and great value used on eBay. "maternity nursing dress size X" was my usual starting point.

Get cardigans not jumpers and you can just wear them open.

MeadowHay · 20/03/2021 17:12

I bought as little as possible first time around as was financially in a v precarious situation. I wore a lot of my normal clothes throughout my pregnancy, things like cardigans and I had a small bump so was able to wear a lot of my normal tops until pretty late. I got basic t-shirts and casual dresses from H&M/Dorothy Perkins/Topshop for the most part. I didn't like my underbump jeans but had a great pair of overbump ones from H&M which were so comfy. Bras were tough, I got fitted regularly. As this isn't possible right now I'd measure yourself using the Boob or Bust method and order a bunch in the sizes it recommends from somewhere with free returns like Bravissimo. I recommend Cake, Royce and Emma Jane bras fo comfort.

MissBPotter · 20/03/2021 17:13

@Fleetw00d thank you I’m going to look them up. I am always buying bras that don’t fit or are really uncomfortable!

georgarina · 20/03/2021 18:25

Maternity tops IME are a waste, they're normally overpriced, not great quality and you can easily just wear normal ones in a bigger size.

My essentials are:
Maternity leggings
Maternity jeans (at least 1 pair)
Bump bands that you can put over your regular jeans to wear them longer (although I did have one awkward incident where it rolled down and I looked down to see my underwear was totally exposed!!)

And then nursing bras and shirts with buttons/loose necklines if you're breastfeeding.

ElderMillennial · 20/03/2021 18:29

I've got M&S bras, the kind that come in S, M or L and I found in my first pregnancy they fit throughout and I just bought another couple so you shouldn't need to keep buying bras. They are nursing bras as well.

Coffeecake90 · 20/03/2021 19:11

I just got a delivery of some clothes from Shein, I am pretty happy with them, super cheap, kind of primary style quality which I'm happy with!

Belle1983 · 20/03/2021 19:21

If you're not averse to pre loved clothes, I got some lovely Seraphine dresses really cheap off ebay.
They've become my staple for work and comfort at home.
Once I struggled with tights I switched to leggings.
Jeans from Gap got me through the early stages, but I've not been comfortable in them in the later stages.

pookypup · 20/03/2021 19:42

Agree totally with PP who said love leggings, I have their jeggings and they are so comfy and great.

I’ve bought a very small amount of clothes from seraphine this pregnancy (some in the sales) and have just been washing them a lot. The quality is lovely and cut is flattering on me - so still feel nice and not too frumpy. I had a cheaper black top from gap which was always a bit big, faded in the wash and I now feel really scruffy in.

Wanderlust20 · 21/03/2021 00:11

Another vote for Love Leggings! I read reviews where some people said they bobble but that hasn't happened with mine and I wear them constantly.

AbsolutePlonker · 23/03/2021 17:32

Everyone, thank you SO much!
I have since bought the LoveLeggings and yes, they are fabulous!
Really great advice and will definitely try some of these places. Sainsburys, particularly, as I am sick to death of returning things by post! @lamptastic I'll be looking for that t-shirt -luckily I have been wearing a lot of my husband's band t-shirts recently!
I actually found a cute smock in ASDA last night (non maternity) which -almost- fit. I'm going back for a smaller size at the weekend.

I have also FINALLY measured my bra size properly (rather than guessing). I discovered to my horror I have gone from 32B to a VERY sexy 40A/38B (and there's not an ounce of fat on my ribs, so that's fun) so that might be why I've not managed to find any well-fitting bras. @MeadowHay thanks for recommending Boob or Bust, never heard of it!!! @Fleetw00d thanks for the general recommends and the bra brand!

OP posts:
ElderMillennial · 23/03/2021 19:03

Is that bra measurement right OP? It seems unusual that your back size would have increased rather than your cup size

Kdubs1981 · 23/03/2021 19:28

Back size definitely increases, your rib cage spreads to accommodate the baby

ElderMillennial · 23/03/2021 19:34

And cup size decrease though?

russianred · 23/03/2021 19:44

If you are open to spending a bit more, I really recommend Beyond Nine. I have a few too many bits from there now really! It’s a particular ‘look’ which you might now be keen on, but everything is such amazing quality and can be worn well beyond maternity.

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