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Reduced Movement 35 weeks

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EverythingBlue2020 · 20/06/2020 07:33

Hi, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have been in hospital twice for reduced movement in the last 10 days. I noticed quite a drastic difference in movement about 7 days ago. Baby's pattern changed and intensity of kicks decreased sharply.

I've been up since 5am this morning and only felt a few light taps. This is so out of the ordinary, usually I am being booted in all directions at this time of day.

I think I will be going back into today for the third time because I cannot shake it off that this doesn't feel right.

Previous monitoring wasn't really a concern, baby moved about and heart rate was ok. So it's frustrating that it keeps happening.

Has anyone else experienced this? What was your outcome? I'm over 35 if that makes a difference, also have an autoimmune disease.

I'm worried the midwives will think I'm being stupid since traces seem fine Sad

OP posts:
Maincat · 20/06/2020 07:43

I had this, was monitored 5 times throughout and induced at 39 weeks because they couldn't find an obvious cause of the RM. No-one ever thought I was being silly, they won't think you are either. It doesn't matter if you're checked every day, they'd rather you were than something be missed x

CoffeeTeaCoffee · 20/06/2020 07:45

I had this and was induced at 35 weeks. If you have any concerns go back in. If that's 3 times a week or three times a day.

Wagsandclaws · 20/06/2020 07:53

Phone them and get checked out. I'm sure it's fine but it's best to be seen.

MrsRose2018 · 20/06/2020 09:09


36 weeks and same as you! For the last two weeks movements have just bottomed out! The midwife said it’s not true that “babies sleep more” now and that there is “less space” so “less movement”. Your movements may change to “rolls/drags” as opposed to identifiable “kicks” but their frequency shouldn’t drop!

I’m a bit different as I’m in twice a week for CTG monitoring As my waters broke at 25 weeks but Like you they cannot find a reason for his reduced movements! His heart rate is normal and he meets criteria quickly but still 🤷‍♀️

Have you had a umbilical Doppler - where they scan your and check the blood flow through your umbilical cord? Have they checked your amnio levels as well? This is what they’ve been doing for my reduced movements!

concernedforthefuture · 20/06/2020 09:12

Yes yes yes to going back in. Insist, get a second opinion if you're still not happy. Hopefully all is well but it is obviously so much better to feel a bit sheepish about going in several times than to have the worst happen and be thinking 'if only I'd gone back again'.

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