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Brown bleeding and AD ache at 12 weeks. Any hope?

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Springersprung · 14/05/2017 13:55

As above. Looking for other people who have experienced similar. We dtd on Friday night, and have had brown discharge/bleeding since Saturday morning. On its own, I could probably (just about) convince my rational side not to worry, but combined with aching 'down there's similar to what I experience with AF and the fact I haven't really had any symptoms such as morning sickness for the whole pregnancy, the worry is really setting in. I'm 11+ 4 today Confused

OP posts:
Expatwithoneontheway · 14/05/2017 14:12

I had exactly the same at 11+2. Went to A+E as I was cramping as well. Epu did an internal scan and we saw our little one bouncing around. No explanation for the bleed, but Dr reassured us that brown blood is old blood.

Now 23 weeks and baby is kicking up a storm.

Expatwithoneontheway · 14/05/2017 14:16

Also bleed was quite red to begin with.

I hope you're feeling better. If your worried, call your midwife or go to your local epu, they're wonderful at explaining everything.

PeachyPip · 14/05/2017 14:19

I had the same symptoms especially aiund that time. with three out of five pregnancies, one ended in a miscarriage and two ended up as DS1 and DS2.

With the one that ended in miscarriage the abdominal pain got worse and came in waves. With the successful pregnancies I had bleeding and sickness throughout the pregnancies but the abdominal pain went after 12-16 weeks (I think, I can't actually remember for sure). I was certain I was miscarrying but it worked out ok.

Springersprung · 14/05/2017 14:28

Thanks Expat and Peachy. I have a scan booked at epu tomorrow, was just hoping to find some way of stopping my head spinning! It's good to hear that other people have experienced similar and it's come out ok. This is my 1st pregnancy, so everything has been new and worrying!

OP posts:
PeachyPip · 14/05/2017 14:56

Good luck for tomorrow, at least you will know either way. Thanks

With the pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage I had stopped feeling as pregnant before I actually miscarried. I thought my hormones might have been aware what was happening before I was IYSWIM

NonStopDisco · 14/05/2017 15:02

I had really bad sickness until 12 weeks, I'd not kept food down for weeks.
One day at 12 weeks, I wasn't even feeling nauseous and I had gushes of bright red blood, and ended up having a scan two days later. I was convinced that was it.
Had scan to show baby bouncing away, completely fine.
No idea what the bleeding was.
Flowers good luck for tomorrow.

Jessiecat27 · 14/05/2017 15:29

I have had the same at 12 weeks and found out I have a cervical polyp, nothing serious but that is what is causing it, hope all goes well for you!

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