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iron tablets in pregnancy

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caz1967 · 09/03/2017 18:22

My sons partner is newly pregnant, she is expecting twins and suffering with extreme fatigue. When I sked if taking iron tablets as her blood count could be low I was informed by my son that she was given zinc and told iron tablets are no longer given. I was gobsmacked I remembered how it had helped me and my blood count. Is this right ? when did this advice change?

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BernardsarenotalwaysSaints · 09/03/2017 18:29

Iron tablets are still prescribed in pregnancy afaik. Most pregnancy multi vitamins contain iron, zinc, vitamin d & folic acid.

StillaChocoholic · 09/03/2017 18:33

I've got low iron so have been prescribed iron tablets for the remainder of my pregnancy. They are definitely still prescribed.

ChicRock · 09/03/2017 18:37

Iron tablets definitely are still prescribed.

There is a link between fatigue and zinc deficiency, presumably she's had blood tests and that's why it's been described rather than iron.

caz1967 · 09/03/2017 18:42

thanks I expect your right...

OP posts:
caz1967 · 09/03/2017 18:44

thank you I was automatically given at 16weeks... so it was a surprise to hear how it had changed

OP posts:
caz1967 · 09/03/2017 18:44

cheers much appreciated

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elliej83 · 09/03/2017 18:46

I wasn't prescribed them when I was pregnant late last year. I didn't get on with them so I took spa tone x

greedygorb · 09/03/2017 18:52

They tend to an iron test at 28 weeks along with the other stuff. That's when they'd get given if your iron was low. I should've probably been on them well before then as low iron made my bp horribly low. I know a GP who took them from about 12 weeks just as a precaution - but one every second day I think.

ChicRock · 09/03/2017 19:26

Ah you meant iron tablets no longer issued as standard?

No, only if required, after a blood test.

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