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Day 6 - no poo for 4 days... help

lulaloops · 18/08/2018 09:32

Hi all

So LO (3y 2m) decided he wanted pants on Monday..... we had a couple of accidents on Monday & Tuesday (to be expected) but he seems to have taken to wees really well, most of the accidents were dribbles and would stop himself to get to a potty, as by Wednesday was dry, and after going a lot on the potty on Tuesday.... reverted to the toilet on Wednesday and that’s where all wee’s have gone since. He knows when he needs to go & has good control.
We have even had 2 dry nights & 1 night where he woke at 2am wanting a wee!
He is in pull ups aka ‘special nighttime pants’ at night even though Monday night didn’t want them as he thought they were nappies!

Now here’s my issue.
He’s a daily poo-er and occasionally gets bunged up.
He didn’t go Monday, went first thing Tuesday in his pull up and then again Tuesday afternoon but on the floor (was bottomless whilst we were getting used to the ‘urge to wee’) and got a little freaked when it fell out. I did try to calm him down & he seems happy enough and ‘understands’.
He’s a stander upper in the corner or in different room to me, and likes his privacy.
I know that this is normal issue for potty training especially with boys. But because of the issues we have in general I am worried.

Hasn’t been since.
Had the ‘face’ yesterday but wouldn’t go.
We tried putting a nappy on this morn but he was very reluctant to wear it.... but explained it’s just for poo poo, and once he’s been we can change him.... and he just ran into me (gave him privacy so I’m in Kitchen espec as this is his usual time) and he said poo poo toilet... I said it’s ok, you can do it in your nappy, but he was like nooo off we went but nothing. He just sat there. Gave it 10 minutes with YouTube but he was just watching.

I know he’s probably freaked out and panicky but I’ve tried reassuring him, I’ve got stickers and reward chart and special chocolate treat for when he does go. I’ve explained it’s ok and it’s not a bad thing, it’s extra food or just like mommy & daddy....

He had 2 lots of prunes yesterday. He’s not a big foodie for veg & fruit or a big drinker but he’s getting enough..... but this is the longest he’s gone and I know it’s going to be horrible when he finally does go....

I know I should be happy that he doesn't want to wear them, but I have no idea how he's going to go! He clearly wants to on the toilet but something has worried him...
I've just given him some more prunes so hopefully the urge to go will overcome his 'power' to hold back.....

I don’t even care where he goes just really want him to!

Help?! Please?!

Thanks x

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Pappybear · 18/08/2018 09:35

We had terrible issues. Resorted to movicol and have been fine since.

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MrsWeeandMrPoo · 24/08/2018 17:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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user1495997773 · 24/08/2018 20:32

Download 'Poo goes to Pooland' - it's free and it worked for my DD. I haven't heard of 'Mrs Wee and Mr Poo' that PP mentions but that could be worth a try too. With my DD we tried singing and blowing bubbles on the loo as they are meant to use the same muscles as doing a number 2 and that seemed to help too.

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