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5 month PP-sex and speculum!

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DannyWallace · 19/07/2019 19:53

Ok, I know this is a weird one. sorry if I go into a bit too much detail here.

I'm had my daughter 5 months ago. It was a forceps delivery with an episiotomy but I was very lucky that it was a relatively small cut and healed quickly. Obviously pain killers and things were needed for a while, but I've not needed anything for months. I've been EBF the whole time if that makes a difference.

Myself and DH started having sex again around 7 weeks postnatal. I always really want to...but I just don't feel much. It's uncomfortable as he goes in, and we have to use loads of lube. It doesn't seem to be improving much. I'm certainly not in severe pain when he enters, and no pain at all during. But also not as much enjoyment as previously. Luckily my DH is very understanding of this.

(However, and sorry if this is TMI, I had SEVERE constipation/tears due to the constipation and so the whole area was so sore for weeks we didn't have sex at all during that time-there's a whole other thread on that 🙈).

Now, ages ago I made an appointment to get the Mirena coil (I had one before I fell pregnant and loved it) and my appointment is on Monday. But the thought of having a speculum right now makes me shudder. I've also just had a letter saying I'm due a smear test.

Should things be feeling a bit better than this just now? As in, should I keep the appointment to discuss this with the doctor and possibly try to go ahead with it/postpone on her advice? Or should I just cancel my appointment and remake it when I feel better?
And how long did it take you all to feel "normal" again.

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Badgergirl123 · 19/07/2019 23:07

Hello OP,

Ah, it's tough, isn't it? Had same kind of birth to you nearly seven months ago, am impressed you managed sex at 7 weeks pp! We were 10/11 weeks first time and I felt very little although DH said it still felt good for him. I suspect the nerves take a while to return to full sensation as it's got progressively better since. It's still not exactly what it was before but I'm hopeful for further improvement and sooo much better than it was.

Are you under a pelvic physio at all? Would strongly advise you to get checked, mine helped enormously with both (ongoing) pelvic floor recovery and helping episiotomy scar fully heal. Mine also healed well but the internal scar tissue was causing some discomfort and I'm not sure I would have worked this out without her help.

I had a smear last week and it was absolutely fine, explained to nurse about birth and she was very reassuring and gentle. Made me feel a bit better to get it done if honest.

DannyWallace · 21/07/2019 12:14

@Badgergirl123 thank you so much for the reply.
No I'm not under the pelvic physio. No-one looked at the stitched after day 4, and when I asked the doctor at the 6 week check about pelvic floor she just told me "you've just had a baby, and everyone heals at different rates" that wasn't too helpful!!

I think I'll keep the appointment next week and chat to the GP about it all x

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