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ManyDirections · 11/02/2015 16:12

The Ministry of Defence are spending £4.2 BILLION replacing Trident before Parliament gives the go ahead in 2016. There are a few things I want to know. I can’t ask MPs. Apparently they ignore correspondence from non-constituents and some of them get ‘quite uppity’.

The word ‘deterrent’ is waved about but what lies behind it? Here’s what I’d like to ask MPs before the election.

  1. Under what circumstances do you think it is acceptable to kill 45 million men, women and children, flatten schools and hospitals and poison the land for generations?

  2. Who makes the decision in the UK (PM? AAagh!) and do they need permission from the US president before they inflict a nuclear warhead on some part of the planet?

  3. How do nuclear submarines deter terrorists or cyberthreats? (the greatest threat to security nowadays)

  4. If we never fire a missile, how many submarines will eventually need decommissioning? Where will we store their nuclear waste and how much will it all cost?

    On a more personal note…
  5. How would your constituency be affected if we used a missile and some other country sent one back? i.e. Have you even thought about it?

    The questions are short because in August 2014 I asked my local MP some fairly complex questions and he did not answer all the points raised. He indicated that he was waiting for information from the relevant department. I assume he’s still waiting.

    Do you think I should contact regional newspapers and see if they will put the questions to MPs (especially the last one)?
OP posts:
cdtaylornats · 11/02/2015 17:33

I would answer 3. Although nuclear weapons would not be the answer to the current threats you name I don't know what the threat will be in 20 years so we need a mixture of deterrent and aggression.

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