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isn't our electoral system out of date?

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vcleese · 21/03/2013 22:09

why do we pay money for a political/electoral system in this day and age which could surely harness the power of new non-linear technology...

do we even need mps in this age, couldn't politics be run more like a business?

is politics something the business world would want to get involved? how much does it cost to run a country? is it a financially viable area to invest in? maybe a business would start small and try to run luxembourg or whatever first? how much would it cost to put up candidates who could represent their companies in some sort of changeover? the current system in the uk doesn't really encourage much competition because there are really usually only two alternatives and once you're in, you're probably in for 5 years... if instead you were voting for the party/political company who was doing a good job of running a belgium at the time, perhaps there would be more incentive for political companies to do as an efficient and effective job as possible... ultimately you wouldn't really need mps at all, but perhaps just some figure head of 'the purple party' (or similar) and the rest would be behind the scenes concentrating on doing as an effective and efficient job as possible...

the fundamental question in politics does seem to be why are we paying this money, most of our politicians spend their lives training up to be politicians are mostly not much good at anything... and wouldn't we be better with lawyers and accountants doing their jobs instead but behind the scenes - and we's could just wheel out david cameron every now and then to kiss a baby or open a fete...

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MiniTheMinx · 21/03/2013 22:32

Isn't that what we already have with the power of corporate interests dominating politics through lobby groups, funding and private get togethers like bilderberg.

I have a better idea, get rid of politics as a vocation for the rich and privileged and weed out all the corporate interests.

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