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How do you pronounce Hollandaise?

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Kathyis6incheshigh · 06/05/2008 12:56

Made a lovely Hollandaise sauce on Sat, which didn't split.

However, dh insists on pronouncing it with a proper French accent, as ''ollandaise'.
This sounds poncy to me, like when Americans talk about filay of fish.

Is he right?

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BellaBear · 06/05/2008 12:58

I say it with the 'h'

ButterflyBessie · 06/05/2008 12:59

I am very posh and I use the H

ZoeC · 06/05/2008 12:59

I say it with pronounced 'h'.

Blandmum · 06/05/2008 13:01

I say the H

Pidge · 06/05/2008 13:07

with the 'h'

does he talk about going to 'paree' for Paris or 'yerterbory' for Gothenburg? (Excuse dreadful attempts at phonetic transcripts!!)

Ledodgy · 06/05/2008 13:14

it is names Hollandaise as it is supposed to mimic the dutc sauce therefore I say the H as I would in Holland In short yes he is being a ponce!

Ledodgy · 06/05/2008 13:14


Tutter · 06/05/2008 13:15

it depends on whether you want to pronounce it as the french would, or just use the anglicised version

i speak french but would still pronounce the 'h'

unless i were in france

Kathyis6incheshigh · 06/05/2008 13:16

Ha ha - excellent - so I'm right then!
Pidge - very good point.
MIL used to be a translator and French was one of her languages, so that is probably where he gets it from.

Thanks all

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