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pointydog · 25/04/2008 20:50

Hey pedants

Do you think I am correct in spelling saddos thus? (Re another thread, npthing personal like)

OP posts:
tissy · 25/04/2008 20:51

if you have to spell it, yes!

SquonkTheBeerGuru · 25/04/2008 20:51

personally, I'd go with saddoes

It ending in a vowel and all. But I could be wrong

SenoraPostrophe · 25/04/2008 20:53

it's saddo's obv.

pointydog · 25/04/2008 20:53

Ah well, that is the nub of it, squonk. S or es

OP posts:
southeastastra · 25/04/2008 21:00

saddo is male and saddoe is female

SquonkTheBeerGuru · 25/04/2008 21:04

nah, saddo is male and saddette is female

Botbot · 25/04/2008 21:16


Iota · 25/04/2008 21:17

saddo is a nasty, slang word and as such, shouldn't be permittted in Pedants' Corner

pointydog · 25/04/2008 21:35

I quite like saddeaux.


OP posts:
SingingBear · 25/04/2008 21:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pointydog · 25/04/2008 21:41

I csn tell you the rules. I think.

If a word is a shortened version or a foreign word or a musical intstrument, just add s.

EG photos, hippos, pianos

If not, add es.

I thought saddo was perhaps short for something but then couldn't think what.

OP posts:
SingingBear · 25/04/2008 21:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pointydog · 25/04/2008 21:45

I am so unpedantically hot

OP posts:
SingingBear · 25/04/2008 21:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pointydog · 25/04/2008 21:45

Bet you wish your pedant was hot like me

OP posts:
fairyfly · 25/04/2008 21:49

Well some of us have saddo children so i don't think this thread is amusing at all. How would you feel.

pointydog · 25/04/2008 21:51

what do you mean, saddo children?

OP posts:
ElizabethBeresfordSW19 · 25/04/2008 21:51

Only ten minutes ago i PAUSE while typing weirdos and backspaced and looked at weirdoes. Hmmm. I will apply the same rule as with pl of saddos.

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