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DaisySteiner · 31/03/2008 09:53

Why? Why why why? What is wrong with me, you or us? They're perfectly good words and saying myself and yourself doesn't make you sound 'posh' on the phone, it makes you sound stupid.

For example "If you'd like to speak to myself again....."

Please somebody reassure me than I'm not the only person who wants to scream at this sort of phrasing!

OP posts:
LaidbackinEngland · 31/03/2008 09:58

Totally agree with yourself...does my head in !

littlelapin · 31/03/2008 09:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snowleopard · 31/03/2008 10:02

Oh I hate it. It's like if they just said "me" that would be too horribly intimate.

I have been known to kind of adopt it too and do it back to them eg "So, if I need to call back then, should I ask for yourself, will it be yourself that's dealing with this and will yourself be in for the rest of the week" etc. That throws them.

clam · 31/03/2008 10:02

I've found that estate agents and sales reps are the worst offenders.

BarcodeZebra · 31/03/2008 22:04

Gaaaaahhhhh! The guy I sit opposite at work does this.

I hhhhhhaaaaaaatttttteeeeeeee it.

NoBiggy · 31/03/2008 22:07

People think it sounds more couth.

Just sounds fucking ridiculous IMO.

PuppyMonkey · 31/03/2008 22:08

They say it a lot on The Apprentice too..

NoBiggy · 31/03/2008 22:12

They're trying too hard.

I bet they say utilise instead of use too.

chunkychips · 31/03/2008 22:15

It's soooo annoying. I really hate it. People trying to sound intelligent because it's a longer word than 'me or you'.

WendyWeber · 31/03/2008 22:21

I used to know somebody who called the tableaux at Blackpool illuminations "tabloids", and talked about someone having a nice "mannerism" when she meant manner.

I bet she says myself etc

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