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Anyone else act like a child?

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childlike · 07/03/2003 16:59

I have changed my name for this posting (for obvious reasons).

My dd aged 3, can be a little madam at times, and I find myself having oh no it isn't rows with her. She was having a strop today walking in the rain and basically being really silly, I ended up gently tripping her up, and when she was moaning later, I repeated whatever she said.

Am I a hopeless mother, any hope for my little one. I feel really silly with the way I am with her, I must add that this isn't a daily thing, just now and again when she gets on top of me.

OP posts:

Chiccadum · 07/03/2003 18:41

I think we all get very fed up with our children and act like children ourselves to try and give them a bit of their own medicine, but, they either think it's funny or it goes over their heads.

You are not a hopeless mother, don't be silly, I bet you get or got a kiss and a cuddle of yours before she went to bed. Which will be more than I got off mine.

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