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Help, leaky night nappy for my toddler, only want to use ecos!

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sizeofahouse · 04/03/2005 20:27

Any ideas on this one. My toddler is in top size moltex nappies at night with a pad on front and a bambino mio nappy cover, he's still leaking! He doesn't have a big bottle before bed but does drink quite alot in the afternoon. I'm really committed to not using pampers or any chemi-nappy, I use cotton nappies during the day which no way can hold his wee at night and have also tried Nature boy but find the Moltex better. I've got a new baby coming in seven weeks and really want to sort this out. Any ideas?? Has anyone tried Tushies or Bambo Nature - is there an eco toddler pants nappies. I think he might be holding his wee more because he is in cottons during the day and maybe doesn't like to be too wet, so should I try a potty a bath time to encourage a wee then - any ideas how you do this with an eighteen month lovely boy whose got probably fifty words - hohum, just can't do the pampers thing, landfill sites just can't keep taking them! Thanks!

OP posts:
chipmonkey · 04/03/2005 20:36

I found my ds2 was happy to sit on the potty as we read a book. Didn't always "catch" a wee, but it sounds as if you might. do free samples of Bambo nappies if you wanted to try them. They also do Bambolina training pants, but I've always found nappies more absorbant than training pants

nab · 04/03/2005 20:58

Have you thought of a washable? The Motheresase bedwetter pant form costs around £16 but that's the same as a months supply of one-use washables. They didn't work for my nearly 4 year old but if they work, they are great!

Gem13 · 04/03/2005 21:00

We use the Toddlerease ones by Motherease with 2 liners in.

DS (2.5) still ocassionally wet but better than Moltex.

misdee · 04/03/2005 21:01

tots bots?

pootlepod · 04/03/2005 21:06

I have only started having big wee problems but use a bumhugger with tots booster and also a microfibre cloth.
I also use a large ME popper wrap and make sure the poppered vests/bodysuits/pj's are not too tight as this causes wicking.

Tissy · 04/03/2005 21:06

tots bots, without a doubt!

misdee · 04/03/2005 21:08

depending on the weight of your toddler, i'd say tots bots with extra booster pads if needed with an mother ease air flow wrap. i use these day and night, for night-time i add 3 extra booster pads (just kooshie ones from mothercare), and when my wraps are ok (have wreaked mine oops waiting for new ones atm) dd2 doesnt leak.

nab · 04/03/2005 21:11

Another tip, if child is a boy put them to bed without pyjama bottoms on as they usually sleep with their hands down their pants which adds to the possibility of a leak.

sizeofahouse · 05/03/2005 11:12

Thanks everyone! I'll check out these, although he doesn't much lying on cotton nappies at night when they get all wet and cold, does this happen with totbots or toddlerease?

OP posts:
humphrey · 08/03/2005 09:40

Sorry only just seen this one but thought I'd put my bit in. My DD is a very big wetter at night and I originally resorted to Nature Boy and Girl disposables as none of the cloth nappies that I tried would hold enough for night time. But we have recently been using a Fuzzi Bunz at night with a terry nappy which is folded into a long bit to stuff inside so you are really using 6 layers of terry and I us two Kushies booster pads so it is very bulky but it does the job for 12 hours and because all the lining of the Fuzzi Bunz is fleece she is not lying in wet all night as the fleece doesn't let the wet back through. I used to find that with other cloth nappies that the wet would wick through to the waistband of her pyjamas and wake her but this hasn't happened with the Fuzzi Bunz. Hope this helps some

flamesparrow · 08/03/2005 09:53

My little lady was pouring out of normal disposables at night, but white tots bots, with a booster, or folded muslin, and a mother ease airflow wrap seemed to keep her soggy-free!

Nappy weighed a ton in the mornings though....

qsack · 10/03/2005 21:51

So glad i've found this thread, but flamesparrow, i'm totally confused about what you're using. i've only ever used disposables and have no idea about washables etc and don't understand the terminology! Could you explain and let me know where to get it all from as have 20mth DS who i've been changing before we go to bed for the last 3mths and it's getting a bit monotonous now! HELP!

flamesparrow · 11/03/2005 08:36

Sorry for confusing you (I do that a lot, but mainly cos I speak gibberish half the time!!).

Depending on DS's size you would need either a Size 2 or 3 nappy (DD has a HUGE bum and needed the size 3 by 19 months... in about size 5 pull ups if that is any help...).

I'll go back to the start...

Tots bots are made of terry, and the white ones are very very thick. You either get them that do up with aplix (velcro), or a nappy nippa (that's a little rubber doing up device, very very cheap and on ebay or one of the other sites I will list in a bit...). I prefer the nippa type - they are easier to adjust to the size of your child.

The tots alone aren't thick enough for a heavy wetter at night though, so you need either a proper booster - which is an extra 3 layers of terry specially designed to go inside the nappy for more absorbance. I had one booster, but then tried using a muslin square folded into about the same size as the booster, and it worked just as well (and is probably cheaper).

You then need a liner as well - if you are use to disposables, then it is probably easier for you to get disposable liners, which you can get in Tesco, boots etc. The liner stops the wetness going back onto baby's skin, and catches the poo.

Finally, comes the wrap - its what goes round the outside to keep all the wetness in. Again there are loads of different types - fleece, wool, PUL (sort of rubbery waterproof lining, soft outer). I use mother-ease airflow... it does up with poppers at the sides, which is good for little people who like undoing velcro!!!

Your baby will look like his legs are disturbingly far apart, but he will be fine (we all grew up with our legs disturbingly far apart, and still walk ok ).

The tots do take a very long time to dry, so a tubmle dryer is good, but if you haven't got one, then just getting a couple more nappies will do, so that while some are drying, you have more.

If you are doing nighttime only, then I would say 4 nappies, and 3-4 wraps (but I could be underestimating)... that way you wash every 3 days, with the 4th one on while they are drying, but that doesn't give you much leeway if there is one of the surprise poos just as you've got ready for bed!!! So maybe more... hopefully someone else can suggest!!!

websites... nappy lady - gives advice, and sells tots and wraps

The buzzness- sells tots... free postage!

Twinkle- sells tots and wraps

Tots Bots main site- sells tots and wraps

I don't know if that helped at all....

qsack · 11/03/2005 09:06

Flamesparrow, wow! sounds great, i'll print off and inwardly digest! def. worth a try as with ds2 imminent we could do with one less nappy to change at 10-11pm! Thanks!

humphrey · 12/03/2005 07:51

Ebay also do some new and good seconds if you want to save some money. I have used Twinkle in the past for new ones but have bought a new one on Ebay which was fine and saved a couple of pounds. I understand the Nappylady has a questionnare that you can fill in so that she can advise what type of nappies you require.

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