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So excited!!

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Smurfgirl · 03/03/2005 23:50

Today I handed my reference into the nursing department at my uni, and my passport photos for my ID badge! Now I just have to have the medical (eeek) and I am finally OFFICIALLY on the bloody course. I am sick of being conditional! I can't wait to start my nursing diploma in September.

Oh and finish this degree as well...but thats not a big thing

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HunkerMunker · 03/03/2005 23:52

HURRAH! Congratulations! Hope the passport photos were suitably embarrassing

Fimbo · 03/03/2005 23:52


Smurfgirl · 03/03/2005 23:52

I was deeply sexy and mature. And hungover. But I am a student so its only to be expected

OP posts:
threadkillingstrawberry · 03/03/2005 23:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joash · 03/03/2005 23:54

Congratulations only a little - but in a nice supportive sort of way.

HunkerMunker · 03/03/2005 23:54

I'd had all my wisdom teeth cut out the week before I had to have all my uni pictures taken - looked decidedly purply-yellow around the jaw in mine!

Smurfgirl · 03/03/2005 23:56

All my uni pictures for this year are minging, so I may as well continue the tradition.

When they do your library card its a digi cam one, so you wait in a line for 4 hours then sit down and they catch you unawares, so you get no choice in the picture. I have a nice one for my NUS though because I flash that all the time.

I hope nobody looks too closely at my nursing student ID! That won't make them better!!

OP posts:
chloeb2002 · 04/03/2005 09:57

Thats fab... you will love it... dont worry about the photos.. none is yet to look at my student nurse ID.. in fact nearly all the 3rd years i know have lost them! when i think how much i treasured mine 6 months ago i found that hard to believe! however now.... i have my moments..... sorry all youwaiting for places but you will understand when you are on course! stress stress and then a little more stress......

madmumof4 · 12/03/2005 21:35

Congratulations smurfgirl. I started my nursing degree last September. The course is as exciting as I thought it would be and I am boring everyone silly telling them that I am a nursing student lol

marj · 13/03/2005 20:24

Lots of luck smurfgirl! I have been a paeds nurse for ten years and I cannot imagine doing anything else. Enjoy your course.

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