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Babysitters - Help

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deegward · 14/11/2002 20:43

Until last year when my ds was 18 months we lived inthe same city as our families. Nights out were easy, ds went to grandparents overnight - oh god I can still remember it!

We are now 400 odd miles away, with dh's sister about 60 miles away. We have managed in the past year by - going out when grandparents come to stay or having dh's sister on a Saturday night. I have made friends and have used and reciprocated with one a babysitting night.

Here comes the problem, my parents are coming down in December and we have been invited out with them to go to a do on a Friday night. Its to with dh work. Friend's hubby is in States at that time, dh's sister works on a Saturday morning so can't. What do I do. I get on well with neighbours - coffees, drinks etc,but nobody seems to sit for anyone else. They all have families.

I'm sorry if I am going on, and souding like a sad coo, but do I use a professional sitter? Not go? Have a nervous breakdown? Ask a neighbour and fear rejection?


OP posts:

Lindy · 14/11/2002 21:04

Deegward - why don't you ask a neighbour/friend what they do about babysitters - that way (hopefully!) they will know someone wonderful that they can recommend or they might offer to help you out. Or, come right out & say to a friend 'would you like me to babysit for you one night over Christmas in return for you helping me on X date?'.

I do sympathise as we too live miles from any family so just HAD to find babysitters - we were lucky & got two wonderful sisters recommended through friends at Church (even better that the elder one drives!!) & I had no hesitation at leaving my 8 month old with them, now we just have the younger sister - she is 15 but very, very sensible (unfortunately not driving yet of course!!), DS is now 20 months, she also looks after him the odd afternoon during school holidays. also I always check that my next door neighbour is at home as well.

Good luck.


Scatterbrain · 14/11/2002 21:27

deegward - try Sitters - they only employ mature ladies, no teenagers and are very professional. You can also get a discount on the joining fee as a Mumsnet member. The first time she'll come early to meet the little ones and if you like her you can always request her in future !

You definitely must go, you certainly mustn't have a breakdown and I personally would feel better using a professional vetted sitter than someone who happens to live near me !



helenmc · 14/11/2002 22:07

I've used Sitters and the lady who came was brilliant, within seconds she had all 3 of mine on the settee cuddled up and reading a story.


Alibubbles · 14/11/2002 22:20

I am registered with Sitters and have sat for a few families. I can vouch for a thorough vetting process (in Herts) three verbal that they could speak to, as well as written references.

I have sat for a few families and they now always ask for me first. Sitters then give me first refusal before pasing the booking onto some one else.

I love doing it as I can't study at home, I'll always find something else that needs doingin preference to my essays. Gives me a break from two teens as well!


emsiewill · 14/11/2002 22:43

Not sure about Sitters, I emailed them for details of coverage in my area, and never heard from them after their initial "We aim to reply within 24 hours" automated reply.... But sympathies with the problem - the one time I managed to find a babysitter that "worked", she got herself pregnant after 2 sessions, and is now a little preoccupied!

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