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Advice needed on starting a 20 month old at nursery

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chickenrice · 08/05/2006 13:08

Am thinking of sending my 20 month old DS to nursery for the first time ever. I am a SAHM that can do with some 'me' time. Would a nursery consider one half day per week? Tips from other SAHMs appreciated. How have other 18-24 month old children coped with nursery for the first time? My DS has been clingy for a few months. It takes him about an hour to settle in even at his toddler groups which he attends regularly. Maybe its just his nature in that he is more cautious. Hoping the nursery environment will help him be more independent. Any advice? Thanks.

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chickenrice · 08/05/2006 22:22


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janett · 09/05/2006 01:19

Hello chickenrice, I have been looking after a 22 mth old for over a year now as her mum wanted (her) time, and did not want to use a nursery. Started as 3 hrs a week now 2 days. Have u thought of using a nanny rather than nursery. The child has the 1 to 1 plus going to playgroups, park soft play ect. Just an idea..

threebob · 09/05/2006 07:41

Ds went at 20 months, and never looked back. He is bright and sociable though and not at all clingy.

He went for 2 half days to start.

His friend went at 2 and was a mess for a good 6 months. But he went straight to 5 6 hour days and mum went to work, whereas I had a month of farting around by myself before I started my own business once I was sure he was settled.

chickenrice · 10/05/2006 09:38

Thanks janett and threebob.

Have decided to use a nursery instead of a childminder. Nothing against childminders.

Anyone else?

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anchovies · 10/05/2006 10:06

Ds started 3 mornings a week at about 18 months, it wasn't easy as he was very clingy when he started. Took him a while to settle in but now (at just over 2) he absolutely loves it there and it has done his confidence and language a world of good.

I know that some children have trouble with 1 half day (long time between going) so I would play it by ear. Also I found it better if I didn't hang about and just got out of there quickish, the longer I stayed the more upset he became. I just picked him up after an hour for a while then gradually increased it (hadn't started back at work so it was much easier to be flexible).

chickenrice · 13/05/2006 19:37

Thanks anchovies for the tips. Useful info. I'll probably try 2 half days to begin with.

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plummymummy · 13/05/2006 23:33

I think in your ds case the childminder/nanny thing might work better as he is so used to 1:1 time. Ds went to nursery at 7.5 months and I gather that is much easier than starting them at over 1 yr.

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