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Well grand-mum actually

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Yspadadden · 04/03/2018 10:43

I never got around to joining Mumsnet when my girl was young - and the granddaughters are growing fast now - but I kept noticing that all the best commentaries on important issues for women and girls seemed to be coming from Mumsnet, so I thought better late than never, and signed up to say 'hello'! and 'well done Mumsnetters!' and things like that.

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Kaysee8 · 04/03/2018 15:07

Hello, I am a granny also. And a feminist. Hoping for my two grand-daughters to grow up in a world where they can truly benefit from all the work women have put into our place, as women, in the world. Concerned by the burgeoning movement which is putting pressure on women's groups and women only organisations to accept that identifying as transgender can turn men into women - just like that!

Yspadadden · 06/03/2018 15:53

Well Kaysee8 - we agree on the best number of granddaughters to have and what the biggest worry is right now - I just wrote this....

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