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Anyone else unable to stick with a job?

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vagueandconfused · 24/02/2023 14:37

I'm not diagnosed but over the last few years have realised that I probably have ASD and/or ADHD and/or CPTSD.

The biggest problem area for me has always been work. I'm late 40s and the absolute maximum I have managed to spend in one job is 18 months. I work really hard and I'm always told that the quality of my work is very good but I just end up leaving usually because of overwhelm. Although colleagues seem to be in the same boat in terms of workload and gripes they generally manage to get on with it all whereas I don't. I struggle with open plan offices and sensory overload, all the social stuff where I try my best to get on with people but seem to fail miserably, add in struggling to switch between tasks, getting bogged down and overthinking. The standard of my work is higher than my colleagues so I'm not worried about my ability I just can't churn out work regardless which seems to be the expectation of management team. You get the picture.

I contracted for quite a few years which worked much better as I could just step away as I needed to but obviously this wasn't so great for security or finances as I'm not a massively high earner. I'm just about to leave another job which was a step in a different direction a year or so ago because the induction and training has been no existence. It's just been a baptism of fire that hasn't really improved as the workload has increased.

I'm thinking that maybe I might be better if I work for myself but I'm just nervous really. I've lost a lot of confidence having had so many knocks over the years. I just feel like my face doesn't fit anywhere.

Does anyone have any advice or can tell me what might help? I feel I have been here a million times before!

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Gingerkittykat · 26/02/2023 16:39

Accommodations in the workplace might help but you are very unlikely to get any without a formal diagnosis.

I agree working for yourself is a good option.


Oddgirlout · 26/02/2023 16:56

Have you got something you can do re working for yourself? I often think I’d like to but I can’t think what I can do!


vagueandconfused · 26/02/2023 19:55

I don't really want to go down the diagnosis and accomodations route. I'm quite private and I don't want to have to open myself up. I've worked for some tricky employers previously and I could never imagine have those conversations. I would rather try and find something that suits me and my quirks. I've always felt a bit like a square peg in a round hole.

I do have a couple of options for self employment but there not clear cut so it would need a bit of work to carve out a niche.

Just wonder if there is anyone who has felt the same and managed to solve the conundrum.

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Plenanna · 27/02/2023 18:44

I get overwhelmed with the workplace and drop down to part time, that’s the only way I’ve managed to keep a job long term. I’ve never coped full time for more than a few months. I’ve been sacked for being anti social, like sitting in my car at lunchtime because I need some space. I’ve also been sacked for things such as assuming an email I’ve received is aimed at me (when apparently it’s gone out to loads of people who haven’t taken it personally). Silly me thinking an email that was sent to me is intended for me!

Sorry I can’t be much help. I think the only way I’ll manage full time work is self employment, where I can have the environment and space that suits my needs.


vagueandconfused · 27/02/2023 19:44

Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations @Plenanna

I've never been sacked but I have a tendency to overthink and over verbalise the difficulties which doesn't make me popular. I've noticed that colleagues feel similar but tend to suck it up. Working from home has been better because I can just grumble away to myself!

Yes, I've worked part-time previously and that worked better as well. Maybe I need to look at that as well.

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