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May I have a kick up the arse please?

2 replies

EmmaEmerald · 25/01/2023 18:36

Had so much to do today

done none of it

just had a coffee

could someone please chase me off here for half an hour to do something at least?

OP posts:

Craftycorvid · 27/01/2023 17:16

Hope some things got done, OP. If completely paralysed with inertia, I will sometimes break a task down into really small bits - so some admin’ might be ‘today I’ll make the list. Tomorrow I’ll make an new folder on the computer.’ That level. And once I’ve done the one little bit of the task, it’s done and I don’t battle on to complete any more that day.


BlackeyedSusan · 30/01/2023 21:56

Sometimes if you manage to do the little bit of task you have set you can do more, sometimes you can't.

Sometimes we get fixated on what we should be doing...and do nothing, when we might be able to tackle something else and go back to the should layer or tomorrow.

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