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ADHD and pregnant

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Amber17 · 08/06/2022 13:26

I got diagnosed earlier this year and finally got my appointment for meds to be prescribed the same week I found out I'm pregnant. So they're on hold for the moment.

But my ability to focus has absolutely nosedived. I mostly wfh - this week I've participated in one meeting online and looked at a few emails. I can't get my head around doing any actual work.

I know there is some link between hormones and the impact of ADHD, like it feeling worse around periods, etc - presumably this is that but multiplied? Or is this merely the lack of caffeine and wine that previously helped me that I now can't have? Is this going to improve as I get into the second trimester or will it be like this until the baby arrives?

OP posts:

BarrowInFurnessRailwayStation · 09/06/2022 09:07

I think it's due to progesterone levels. It causes so called 'baby brain', but it's magnified in people with adhd. I don't know what the answer is, but things do go back to baseline once the post partum period is over.


puddleduck234 · 09/06/2022 16:49

Does your work know about your diagnosis OP? If not I would suggest talking to a trusted manager and arranging some reasonable adjustments. There is also so much on ADHD and work from home tips on YouTube etc. like standing desks, creating a calm space to work, taking regular breaks, using 2 screens etc.

I have only very recently asked for adjustments at work and it has been a game changer! My confidence at work has grown so much I'm more productive now than I ever have been.

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