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Greener and cheaper baby products

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AloraBaby · 14/02/2023 11:08


We are a UK based group of friends who are frustrated by how wasteful many baby products are!

It isn't our fault, it is parents who make things that aren't designed to be repaired, replaced, or even cleaned properly! How many cribs, walkers, bouncers etc get at best two loving owners before going to landfill or cluttering up your loft? The answer is hundreds of thousands a year!

This makes us angry, really angry because it is hassle for parents storing and disposing of things, makes the manufacturers lots of money and kills the world we want to pass on to our kids by wasting valuable materials and energy!

We want to do it differently. To make life easier and cheaper for parents, whilst really protecting the world for our dear little ones! We also think we have the answer.

If you have 3 minutes, we would love to know what you think about when you buy baby products, and if making things greener and/or cheaper would be important to you. If you want to help, please consider filling in the short survey here:

We aren't big business, and we never will be. Thus, all we have to offer you in return for your help is our love and sincere thanks for helping us try to secure a healthy planet for all our children.

Mike X

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