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GOTO Group Auctions - anyone tried selling their house using this agent?

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CCC8 · 27/07/2022 11:08

Hi all :)

We’ve been trying to sell our flat for the past year and just haven’t had much luck at all! We recently finally received an offer but it literally just fell through, 3 weeks in, due to a change in the interested buyer’s financial position. We are about to make an offer on a house now and are in an awkward position given the sale falling through. We’ve been approached by GOTO Group which specialises in auctions. Their sell is that they have access to buyers who want a sale to be completed quickly.

I’ve done some reading up on the company and read a lot of reviews on Trust-pilot. Some have given absolutely fantastic reviews, others not so great. We are nervous to fully commit to them as it’ll mean giving them sole agency for 3 months.

Anyone able to shed some light on their experiences with using this company, particularly when it’s been taking them a while to sell their property?


OP posts:
Dee724 · 10/01/2023 20:06

Hi there, I’m in the same position as you were last year. Did you go with it? What was the out come? 😁

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