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Hypothyroid and 3 miscarriages - anyone have experience?

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Daynee · 06/01/2009 20:43

Hey all: I fishing for answers (aren't we all?!) and wondering if anyone has a thyroid condition that has been attributed to their miscarriages?

I have hypothyroidism and it is now in check. Last time the doc tested it was around a 3.

I read that one cause of hypothyroidism could be your immune system attacking the thyroid tissue, so therefore, it doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone. So, I'm wondering, if this is true, then my immune system could very well be producing too many "killer cells" that also have been attacking the fetal tissue, hence the miscarriages.

I'm hoping to do one of those antibody tests and maybe get some answers.

Anything anyone has to share would be wonderful.


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Olihan · 06/01/2009 20:59

Sorry you're going through this, I have no experience of mc but I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism afetr my 2nd dc was born.

Which hormone is a 3? Was it TSH, T3 or T4?

IME, I function an awful lot better when my TSH is under 2 and I was told by the AN endocrinologist when I was pg with ds2 that he wanted to keep it under 2.0. Although the general guidelines suggest under 5 is okay, there is more up to date reasearch that suggests ideally the level should be 2.0 or below.

I would ask to have a full screening done for all 3 thyroid hormones as that will give you a clearer indication of whether you are on the right dose of thyroxine or whether you perhaps need to increase your dose a bit.

Fingers croseed you get some answers and a successful pg .

Daynee · 07/01/2009 17:00

Thanks Olihan: My doctor did tell me that they'd like it a 2.0 or below. I go back for a check (TSH) next week so we'll see. They might need to up my dose.

When you had your children - was your thyroid at or below a 2?

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Olihan · 07/01/2009 18:31

My hypothyroidism started after I had dd (my 2nd) and I was on 125mg when I got pg with ds2. The gp referred me to the AN endo clinic as soon as I found out I was pg, I think I was about 6+5 when I went to see him. He immediately upped my dose to 175mg because he said you need the extra 50mg to counteract the effects of pg on your thyroid. I had my levels checked every 6 weeks while I was pg until about 28 weeks when it stabilised. I was on 200mg by then and my tsh was about 0.8 then, can't remember what my t3/4 levels were anymore.

If you haven't already seen a consultant endocrinologist experienced in pg women I would maybe ask your GP to refer you as a first step, particularly if you do fall pg again.

LisaJML · 21/01/2009 09:05

I was interested to see your recent message. I am Type 1 diabetic and also hypothyroid and have just experience a miscarriage at 9 weeks. Whilst the doctor has said it was nothing to do with my medical condition I am terrified that I may not be able to carry a baby full term. I would be interested to know if there is anyone out there who has diabetes and hypothyroid and has carried a baby to full term successfully. I am 38 years old and worried that my time is running out. We really want a baby and will be trying again as soon as we can but I have lots of doubts and worries going through my mind. Anybody who knows anything please tell me!?!

Daynee · 21/01/2009 13:23

Hey Lisa - I have no experience with diabetes but I'm guessing your doc knows what he's saying (hopefully). I haven't heard of that condition affecting pregnancy. As for the hypothyroid, my doc says it doesn't necessarily cause mc but could affect the baby's brain development which is why you need to have your levels at 2 or below. I still wonder if my hypothyroid caused any of my mc's but it would appear that the consensus is no. I'm hoping they find another reason since the last time I had a mc my thyroid level was at about a 4 - which isn't too bad and doubt it caused the mc.... There is so much that we think about. There are probably other reasons that women have mc's that doctors haven't found out about yet. Like all those cases where they find nothing wrong - I bet there is but they just don't know what it is yet!

I would definitely see a specialist (if you're not already) given that you've been trying a while and you're 38? Have you had more than 1 mc?

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LisaJML · 23/01/2009 11:23

Thanks Daynee - I've been doing some research on hypothyroid over the internet and have arranged to go back to see GP next week.

Can I ask you another question? How long after your mc did you have a period? I'm just anxious to know when my cycle will return to normal!


Daynee · 23/01/2009 13:27

Hey Lisa - AFter the first mc, I think it was like 6 weeks later that I had my period. And with the 2nd one, I went back normal right after, as the mc acted as my period, so then I had another one 29 or 30 days later. For this current one, well, I don't know yet. According to my calculations, I should be getting it in a week - that is, if after the mc I was back on a normal cycle.
I think some of it has to do with how quickly your body expels (what a terrible word, sorry) the tissue and how quick your levels go back down.
I'm really hoping I'm having a normal cycle because I don't want to have to wait even longer to take the progesterone test - which is supposed to be on day 21 of my cycle...C'mon Aunt Flow!

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