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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Looking for some advice please...................

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lanismum · 14/07/2008 10:46

Right, I don't normally start threads on here, but my hospital are not really giving me any info so thought I would get more here.........

Basically, I got a pos preg test on the 29th june, but started having a brown discharge the same day (sorry for the tmi!) I assumed this was the start of a very early miscarriage, but part of me hoped things would be ok as I had the brown discharge with my first 2 pregnancies.

The discharge carried on, not heavy, really only when I wiped, but i was concerned so asked for an early scan, which I had on friday the 11th, it was an abdominal scan not internal which I thought was odd as it was only 6weeks 1 day from my last period, anyway, they saw a thick lining of the womb, and what she thought was a very small sac, only 4mm, which as this baby could only possibly have been conceived on the 15th june I thought was ok? she did tell me that as what she was seeing was so small she could not be 100% sure it was def not ectopic , they also took blood to test my hcg levels which only came back as 352, as soon as I got the result I knew something was up to be honest.

That evening, I started getting sharp pains on my right side, convinced myself I had an ectopic preg and went to A&E to get checked out, they examined me internally and said that my cervix was closed and there was no fresh bleeding, and said to come back on sunday for repeat bloods, which I did, have just got these results and its only 412, which I obviously know is not good, and I know that this wont end in a baby, but I am so worried, I have to go back for more bloods tomorrow, but I would really rather them called me in for an internal scan today to check my tubes, is that me overreacting, or is this something they should be doing? should I ask them for one tomorrow, or just let them continue checking my hcg levels, even though this is my third pregnancy as my first 2 ended very well I have no idea what I should be doing this time.....

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lanismum · 14/07/2008 10:48

God thats long! thanks in advance to anyone that bothers to read all that!

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belgo · 14/07/2008 10:52

No it's not you overreacting, you need an internal scan at just 6 weeks of pregnancy, and an abdominal scan is a waste of time and resources at this stage. I understand why you are worried, and you need to know exactly what is happening.

Please go back to A&E or EPU, explain about the pain in your side and that you are worried about an ectopic pregnancy.

lanismum · 14/07/2008 11:29

Thanks belgo, I was told to go to epu tomorrow at 12 to recheck my hcg levels, but think I will go earlier and insist on an internal, until I have one ill keep stressing at every single twinge, and at the same time hoping I produce magic non hcg making babies

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lanismum · 14/07/2008 12:55

If it were ectopic would the pain have gone? or can it come and go? i'm in no pain at all now and brown stuff has gone?..........

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belgo · 14/07/2008 15:27

ectopic pain can come and go, so can the bleeding. Ectopic pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman.

berolina · 14/07/2008 15:30

yes, do go, and mention ectopic. Ask specifically for a transvaginal scan.

I am sorry - I'm a veteran of 3mcs and all this bleeding and bloods and scanning and toing and froing is so horrid and nerve-wracking.

lanismum · 15/07/2008 13:37

I have started bleeding heavily now, have been in to the epu but they wouldnt scan me just took more bloods to check hcg levels, I was in and out in literally 5 mins, I just really hope my levels start dropping now!

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belgo · 15/07/2008 16:23

Hope you are alright lanismum.

lanismum · 15/07/2008 18:15

Thanks belgo, feeling sort of ok, just had a call to say todays levels are 313 so are dropping, have to go back thursday for another blood test then hopefully wont have to have another one for a week, just want to get back to normal now!

OP posts:
belgo · 15/07/2008 19:36

Look after yourself, and make sure you get plenty of rest. It's good that your hormone levels are coming down, but please, if your symptoms get worse again, contact your doctor.

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