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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

help please - really worried about infertility following miscarriage :-(

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Dawn1978 · 12/07/2008 18:32

hi,new poster here - just found site whilst driving myself mad as usual surfing for info.

had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago. had only just found i was pregnant - was literally a couple of days late for my period. started bleeding and quickly lost what i assumed to be the pregnancy. bleeding continued pretty heavy and near enough constant until 8 days later when it slowed right down. Partner and i had sex that night, next day bleeding was heavy again. Went to a & e and was told bleeding was normal reaction to sex and that my cervix was near enough closed, i was only passing blood, no products.

next morning bleeding was a lot worse. went to a & e and i was literally flooding all over the floor. Was examined and dr managed to removed some products from my cervix. Was then taken up to the ward and given a dose of something to make me pass what was left. I wasn't in any pain particularly, only when this kicked in, i had slight cramps, nothing major and passed quite a few clots throughout that day and night whilst in hospital.

The next morning the bleeding had slowed right down. was taken for a transvaginal scan. it was extremely painful around one ovary. doctor said everything normal but that she thought i had introduced some infection by having sex. my womb was clear i think - although i never got to speak to her again after the scan - had assumed she would come back and see me. i asked her about my tubes and she said she couldn't see them.

my swabs were clear by the way, my temperature remained down throughout and the blood smelt normal, not offensive and no noticeble discharge. so the point of this long and ramblind post is - does it sound like i had a post miscarriage infection or just an incomplete miscarriage? it is really bothering me tbh.

can anyone offer me there thoughts on this as i'm finding it hard to think about anything else.

i must add it was an unplanned pregnancy - i', mot looking to get pregnant any time soon but really do want more kids - i know no one can give definite answers but any thoughts appreciated.

Has anyone else experienced pain in their side during an internal scan as I never have before. Thanks.

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llareggub · 12/07/2008 18:35

Sounds pretty normal to me. I've only had 2 miscarriages but they've both been pretty different. Both times the bleeding took quite a while to start.

Please don't under-estimate the emotional impact of what has happened. I did and I really suffered for a while.

neolara · 12/07/2008 20:19

I developed an infection after a miscarriage. The signs were a horrible smell and a great deal of pain after sex. I was treated with antibiotic which cleared it up straight away. I'm pretty sure the doc said that unless the infection went on for a long time (and by this, I think she meant a couple of weeks or so), it was very unlikely to cause any problems with fertitility.

I think if a miscarriage is incomplete, then your body carries on bleeding as a way to clear everything out. From what you have described, this sounds to me a more likely scenario. But I'm not a medic, and obviously I don't know the details of what happened to you....

Dawn1978 · 13/07/2008 10:39

thanks for all your replies. i'm still really stressed about it - although i am quite an anxious person anyway i'm going to try and see my gp next week and ask her if she recieved anything from the hospital.

i think the term the doctor scanning me used was 'endometritis' apparently it is inflammation/infection of the womb lining. i don't understand why my ovary/tube was so painful though - surely that would mean it had spread?

thanks for all your help.

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