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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Recurrent second trimester miscarriages.

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belissa · 14/06/2007 15:34

I don't even know where to start.

I have had four miscarriages within the last two years.

4th miscarriage - just happened 3 weeks ago, Had a Cervical (Shirodkar) stitch put in during week 13/14. Also used progesterone pesssaries
Contractions at 22weeks, got to hospital to be told vagina was filled with membranes. My baby was delivered alive. Stitch had to be taking out after delivery.

3rd miscarriage - Was on aspirin and heparin throughout pregnancy.
Contractions that lead to premature labor and the birth of my baby at 19 weeks

2nd miscarriage - Premature rupture of membranes at 16 weeks

first miscarriage - Missed miscarriage, diagnosed at 12 weeks

Can't think of a word that describes how i feel

Please help! Any advise! Stories!

OP posts:
MonkeyandBabyBoo · 14/06/2007 15:45

Hi Belissa, I am so sorry for your losses I do not have any advice for you, I cannot imagine what you have gone through. I just wanted to bump this for you in case someone with advice or a similar experience may come along.

Big hugs to you.

lucyellensmum · 14/06/2007 16:42

im bumping this too, so sorry for your loss

daisyboo · 14/06/2007 16:50 so sorry for your recent band past lossess. i've had 2 mc and know how difficult it can be. mine were put down to being just one of those things, so i can't offer any advice, but i've linked your thread on the pg after mc thread in the hope that one of the lovely ladies on there have something constructive to add.

I hope you are ok

MrsMcJnr · 14/06/2007 16:51

I am so so sorry, no experience other than a MC and the use of aspirin and clexane to help sustain current pg to help empathise with but just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you xx

auburnmum · 14/06/2007 16:53

Hi Belissa. So sorry for your loss. Do you have any religious beliefs. After my mc I was given an amazing book called supernatural childbirth by Jackie Mize. You have to ignore the cheesy American cover but there's loads of amazing stories inside, including a story about a woman who was told that her uterus would not carry a baby. Needless to say, she proved them wrong. I really believe that prayers can be answered. If you're not religious, don't mean to offend.

ejt1764 · 14/06/2007 19:12

belissa - no advice, just my heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

There is some good advice at - including a wonderfully supportive forum especially for women who have had multiple losses.

Take care of yourself - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Frizbe · 14/06/2007 19:15

Don't know if this is any help, but try to get yourself seen at either Nottingham QMC hospital (Queens Medical Centre) or at Liverpool, both who have specialists in this subject. If you check their websites you'll find details of the people you need to be refered to.

DrNortherner · 14/06/2007 19:20

Poor you

I've had 1 miscarriage and that was traumatic enough so I can only imagine the deapair you are feeling. It must be very hard.

Go easy on yourself, rest, and do somthing nice for you.

I truly hope yuo go on to have the baby you long for.


Bouncingturtle · 14/06/2007 19:43

Just wanted to add my sympthaies and bump for more advice. Sorry you are going through this

babyjamas · 14/06/2007 20:05

i've had 4 miscarriages at 12 weeks, 14 weeks, 21 weeks and 9 weeks (a missed mc)- in my case not an incompetent cervix but an undiagnosed problem (more than likely a blood clotting disorder). All completely heartbreaking - i can imagine how you are feeling now. I have been lucky enough to also have 3 children (all premature though - 2 x 31 weekers and a 27 weeker)- apparently a miracle my consultant told me.
i wish you all the luck in the world - recurrent miscarriage is the hardest thing to have to go through.

BishyBarneyBee · 14/06/2007 20:14

hi belissa

you post is so sad.

I have had 2 mc - 1 at 12weeks (missed mc - d&c) and 1 at 19weeks, premature labour, son born alive and died a few minutes later.

I was diagnosed with hughes syndrome / sticky blood / anti-phospholipid syndrome and told to take aspirin every dau (I have since been un-diagnosed with it but that's a whole other story)

I was also diagnosed with an incomptent cervix and had sutures put in at 12 weeks with two other pregnancies both of which carried to term and resulted in healthy babies.

I can't tell you how much I feel for you and how much I understand the sadness and pain you must be feeling at the moment along with all the mixed up jumble of a roller coaster of emotions.

Did you kow there is another kind of suture you can have which permanatly seals the cervix and you have to have a c-section - but I don't know much more than that - am sure a doctor is a better source of imformation.

What kind of follow up have you been offered?

Be nice to yourself.

belissa · 14/06/2007 23:14

Really appreciate all your replies.
It's good to hear from people who understand how i feel

auburnmum, not offended - i am a christian and i have read the book called 'supernatural childbirth' enough times actually have two copies if anyone is interested i could send them a copy. Got it after my 2nd miscarriage, now after the 4th miscarriage it is becoming difficult to read.

babyjamas, your story is very encouraging,thanks the thought of having 3 kids after all these ordeal definitely puts a smile on my face

BishyBarneyBee, i have read about the transabdominal sutures but i am afraid of what might happen if i go into preterm labor with it in place.

I have got an appointment at St Mary's in July but i can't possibly think of anything else they might come up with.

The last miscarriage left many experienced doctors scratching their heads.

OP posts:
Uki · 15/06/2007 09:20

Hi Belissa

So sorry to hear your news, you must feel very heartbroken and weak after all this.

I hope you can find some comfort here. Mumsnet has definately saved me, I found it after 2nd m/c and it also saved me again after 3rd m/c. Mine were all first trimester.

I can't help you much on the medical advice, They never found much wrong or reasons for my m/c either, which can be hard although asprin and calcium are helping me at present. I'm 31 weeks.

It sounds like your dr's are trying hard to help, I'm sure you will continue to get good care. You sound strong enough to try again, We will be here for emotional support.

RahRah1 · 15/06/2007 13:29

Hi belissa, Just wanted to say hi and give you big hugs {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

I can't imagine what you are going through to have lost so much, I am so sorry. I lost my little one at 24 weeks due to premature rupture of the membranes, he was also born alive but died later in neo-natal. I still have not had any further children, (he was our first) but we are trying so we have been told to take aspirin and be under early supervision.

They have told me every pregnancy is different and just to keep trying (unfortunately we have unexplained fertility issues as well). I know easier said than done as it is not them going through it. I would ask to be referred to a lead specialist. Have you heard of Prof.Regan? If you are based in London you can go NHS and can be referred privately if outside her region. I was tempted to make an appointment, but my consultant feels as I have only had one loss they have done everything they need to do at this stage and they can not find any underlying issues. If anything ever happened again I would be straight on the phone with her secretary. She sounds amazing and completes many studies etc..

My faith wavers in relation to will it ever happen for us, but I hold out hope. You sound very strong and brave, I really hope you get some answers.

Take Care - Lots of love Xx

berolina · 15/06/2007 13:45

I am afraid I have no advice, but your post is heartbreaking. I have had three apparently unconnected early mcs, but nothing like the horror you have gone through. I do hope someone can help you soon. xxx

jellybeans · 15/06/2007 17:57

Hi Belissa, I am so very very sorry for your losses
I have had 7 pregnancies and lost 4. Early m/c at 6 wks and at 11 wks (mm/c)and My DD's were lost to premature birth at 20 weeks and 23 weeks (chromosome disorder). I have been very very fortunate to have had living children in between those pg's, but my last 2 were m/c's. I am very high risk of m/c now (late and early) and told to take aspirin as I have Lupus Anticoagulant (sticky blood). (((hugs)))to you xx

auburnmum · 15/06/2007 21:06

Will pray for you sweetie. I mean that.

BishyBarneyBee · 15/06/2007 21:34

thought of you on and off all day belissa. How are you feeling.

Do you have a follow up?

(hi jellybeans - have had to have a name change as someone in RL found me - I have cellulite on the tops of my legs - ring a bell? Am sad that we meet alot on the mc threads. I hope the support helps though)

belissa · 16/06/2007 00:57

Thanks everyone!Wasn't sure about posting this on this forum but i am glad for all the support.

I am okay as can be. I think i am still numb not doing any crying compared to the previous miscarriages.

I am in a 'what now?' mode. Feeling very empty.

Follow up in July after postmortem result with hospital, private consultant and at St Mary's.

OP posts:
BishyBarneyBee · 16/06/2007 08:38

that sounds like a very comprehensive follow up and not too far off.

If at all possible try and keep the 'what now' thoughts at bay until after that - there will be more clarity.

I remember when I was in your position I was on a complete roller coaster of emotions and could not get a grip how I felt at all. I also remember at times being quite hard on myself. If this sounds like you please give yourself a bit of a let up.

Oh I don't really know what to say but I know the confusion, numbness and dark times you are feeling. If there was anything I could do or say to ease this I would.

Please don't feel alone though. People on here know your pain and hurt.

jellybeans · 16/06/2007 23:48

((((Belissa)))) I remember the numbness and emptyness, still have the emptyness but not as raw most the time. I am thinking of you xxx

BBB yes figured out who you were (((hugs))) xx

belissa · 17/06/2007 19:26

Thanks appreciate your advise and support

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