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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

1 period, or 2? (waiting pre TTC)

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MrsR84 · 19/07/2014 17:09

Straw poll - how long would you/did you wait to try again after ERPC?

The EPU recommended two periods and suggested that the first could be expected in 3-6 weeks, I've had a good read all over the internet these past few days and the general consensus seems to be that one period is enough (to clear things out and make it easier to date a new pregnancy), but actually its entirely possible to fall pregnant straight away & many women do just that.

IF we both feel mentally ready after period 1 I'd like to try again then, but hubby thinks we should wait for two because that's what the EPU lady said. I see his point, but that's just going to drag out the 'will it happen again' anxiety by an extra month (does that sound daft?), also it increases the likelihood of being in labour in summer if we take a few months to conceive like last time (4 months), and I am so, SO bad with heat.

What would you do? I'm planning to sit it out for now and try to convince him again when I 'come on'.

OP posts:
rainbow9713 · 19/07/2014 17:24

Hi, sorry for your loss :(.
I have always been told to wait for first period before trying again. I conceived 10 weeks after my stillborn daughter was born and now have a happy and healthy 1 year old.
I wish you all the best xxx

St4rfish · 28/07/2014 08:28

Hi MrsR. In my experience, I would say try not to bully your husband into tying too soon. I thought I was ready two months afterwards but my husband wasn't and so we waited until the September - miscarriage was at start of May last year. But I took a long time to get better physically, iron levels were very low. Went back to acupuncturist in January and I was still physically wrecked. I thought I was fine but took others to point out to me that I wasn't. Hope you have better luck than me TTC - has been 11 months trying for us now with no joy Sad

charlieis30 · 02/08/2014 18:13

Hi MrsR84
Wanted to jump in as well as I was in SUCH a similar position to you after my first MC in Feb. We'd taken 3 months to get pregnant. The OB recommended waiting one period, but 2 if my first period was very painful or heavy. I really wanted to get trying again straight away but DH really didn't want to. He wanted to follow Doc's advice. So I agreed to wait one cycle.
I was really lucky, went straight back to 28 day cycles. After the first one I turned to DH and said "I really am not ready to be pregnant again in 2 weeks". It was just something about my head at that time, I wasn't ready yet. Anyway it took 3 months to get pregnant again, and now it looks like this one isn't going to make it either. I told DH I want to start again right away although I am a bit paranoid that my uterus won't have recovered and I'll just MC again. Having said that, I do know people who have conceived straight after reasonably late loss (I think 15-20 weeks) and have had normal healthy babies. I think it's tough to say. Maybe call the Miscarriage Assoc for advice?
Also as St4rfish says, these things can affect your DH terribly deeply as well, and it's worth taking his feelings on board as well.

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