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Help!! What did i just pass?!

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leanne963 · 18/06/2014 17:03

Im sorry this thread is going to be graphic but i really don't know what i just passed.
I was told on Tuesday morning(after bleeding large clots Monday evening) that i had miscarried and that the scan showed nothing was left. As the clots were so big i thought i must have passed everything including the baby. Bleeding and pain was really light this morning so i thought i was over the worst of it, but about an hour ago i was walking down the stairs and felt the awful feeling of something large coming out of me, i ran to the toilet to be greeted by something that looked like a sausage. Terrible word for comparison but it was about 3 inches long and a few centimeters wide and it wasnt a blood clot. It looked like a sac full of hard stuff, it was pretty solid.
I am so angry, the doctor said everything was gone, it was the worst shock and i just broke down. I thought i was OK, but i now realise i was in denial. Was that actually my baby? It was huge. I was about 12 weeks pregnant, but as they couldnt see anything in my scan i dont know when the baby actually survived to. Im so confused.

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Angelto5 · 18/06/2014 17:43

Sorry to hear of your sad news op. I have no wise words but hopefully someone with more experience comes along soon.
My only thought was were you given any numbers you could call perhaps they have some answers or possibly talk to your gp?

Treaclepie19 · 18/06/2014 20:05

I have no answers but I will say that I think sometimes they see it has detached but not where it is now. I was told I only had clots left and no tissue but the same day and day after I passed what I can only imagine was tissue.

Sorry for your loss x

JokersGiggle · 18/06/2014 22:07

I'm sorry for your loss Thanks
Id call and ask a medical person. Im a MC pro (I've had so many Sad ) and I've never had anything like you've described.

basgetti · 18/06/2014 22:11

Sorry for your loss OP. I had a MMC in December and I passed something that sounds similar to what you describe, the day after I'd passed the actual pregnancy sac. It looked greyish in colour and I think it was just remaining tissue coming away. I hope you start to feel better soon x

leanne963 · 19/06/2014 11:25

Basgetti I think that must be what it was, it was just such a shock after being told everything was already out. It was horrible. I just want this all to be over xx

Thank you everyone else for the best wishes xx

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