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Abdomen pain months after MC

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chirpchirp · 15/02/2014 09:14

I miscarried at 8 weeks in November. At the time I was in quite a lot of pain and cramping for several weeks. Went back to GP who confirmed an infection and I took a course of antibiotics over Christmas. Since then I get a dull ache with intermittent sharp pains in my lower abdomen, usually to the left. It's worse if I exercise. It's not just connecting to ovulation as it happens for weeks at a time. Is it time to go back to the doctors or is this normal? I never suffered from period cramps before my MC and also had very regular periods but now everything seems to be all over the place. Also definitely not pregnant, test done.

Any advice?

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GandTnow · 15/02/2014 18:21

So sorry for your loss chirp, I too had a mmc at 8 weeks in November. I had a normal cycle in Dec and then on NewYears Day a very heavy random bleed.
To cut a long story short I had to demand a scan to check that all was fine as I kept having these awful pains and sudden heavy bleeding. In the end all was clear and they marked it down to hormone inbalance and said that I could have the pill if I wanted, I decided not to as we want to try again sometime soon. The pains are less frequent now and at least I know there is no underlying issue.
Did you get a follow up scan? I would go back to the GP to check for any other infection and if tests are clear than ask for a scan. If only for your peace of mind.


chirpchirp · 15/02/2014 22:29

Thanks Gand and sorry for your loss too. I didn't get a second scan no, I think I will make an appointment and ask for another blood test, we want to start trying as soon as possible but I'm afraid if there are any unresolved issued it could affect any future pregnancies if I'm lucky enough to conceive.

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GandTnow · 16/02/2014 18:41

I felt exactly the same and was so relieved when they gave me another scan. Even just for peace of mind it's worth ruling everything else out. We're now just going to wait one normal cycle before ttc again. All the best.

chirpchirp · 16/02/2014 18:57

Thanks very much. Hope all goes well for you.

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