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Diagnosed missed miscarriage- ERPC vs natural

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tametortie · 15/06/2013 09:37

I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage yesterday after 3rd cycle of IVF/ICSI.

I had been bleeding on and off for a couple of weeks and although HCG was rising very well, it was on the low side and we werent hopeful. Still a dreadful shock to see the scan picture of a useless collapsed sac with no contents. Sad

However, I have now stopped bleeding completely. No cramps etc. Everything is still in there because we saw it on the scan yesterday and I know this sounds horrible, but I just want it out.

I have had a miscarriage before with 11 weeks of bleeding, retained products, manual removal of clots, haemorrhaging......and I just want this to be quick and easy.

I have another scan on Tuesday to confirm but in the meantime...

  1. is there anything I can do to get 'things moving'??

2. Will the sac reasorb on it own and I will just have a normal period now that I have stopped progesterone supps?

3. How do I arrange an ERPC if I dont stat bleeding?

I am 6+4 and the scan showed the sac stopped growing at 5 weeks. I am not expecting this to be too horrendous as I am not far gone BUT equally, I dont want it to be anymore stressful than it needs to be.

Sorry if this sounds clinical and matter of fact- mentally, I am a bit numb.
OP posts:
cosmickitten · 15/06/2013 10:45

tametortie I'm so sorry you have lost your baby. It truly heart especially after all you gone through already.

I'm sorry that I can't answer all you questions but I know that one of lovely ladies on here will be along soon to help.

Regarding the erpc I believe that staff in the epu will talk through all your options after your final scan.

The epu I went on thursday (after a misssed miscartied was seen at a private scan) wouldn't give me too much information prior to that. However before going I did tell them ( on the phone) and my gp that didn't feel emotionally able to have a natural miscarriage or medical management. They did talk me through all the options but where very supportive of my choice. They arranged the erpc for the next day (yesterday).

I hope you are able to receive the same level as I have as it has made an awful time more bearable. Thinking of you and here for virtual hand holding x

tametortie · 15/06/2013 10:53

Im sorry to see you are going through the same thing. Its horrible.

How many weeks were you cosmic?

Im wondering if a natural mc at 5/6 weeks will be ok and manageable?

Problem is, im under 2 different hospitals cos of ivf treatment and im not sure who will take on my care. Im not under an epu.

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orangebowl · 15/06/2013 11:00

Tame, sorry to hear about what you are going through. I have had 4 miscarriages at 8, 9, 5 and 10 weeks and had erpcs for the 3 that were over 8 weeks. I was always glad I opted for that route- no real bleeding afterwards and , like you say, pleased to get it "over with". Good luck. Ps- I'm now 30 weeks pregnant...

cosmickitten · 15/06/2013 11:01

tame the scan was at 11 1/2 weeks but our little bean had died about 2 weeks earlier.

This was my first pregnancy and we got the bfp just days before starting fertility treatment.

Being between two hospitals must make e dry thing so much harder for you right now. However I'm sure the no matter where you have your scan they have procedures in place to help you access the treatment you need. No help for the weekend by maybe call and ask on Monday if it will help?

tametortie · 15/06/2013 11:14

Im hoping there will be help I can access. The ivf clinic dont need to scan me again but the hospital I work at will scan me again on Tuesday.

Im scared im going to be left Sad

OP posts:
cosmickitten · 15/06/2013 12:06

My gp warned on Tuesday that I might have to wait over 2 weeks for a erpc. The thought was unbearable. At that point I looked into a private procedure. Near me they were £1800 (a lot of money for us) but could be booked at short notice. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but it gave me a little clam knowing if it all got too much I had an option. ( all be it a finically crippling one). I have no idea if that is helpful but I'm sharing just incase it is.

I was very lucky with my nhs care partly because we have a women's hospital linked to the main hospital. Meaning the care is well catered for. Although you shouldn't have too you may have to make a fuss to the care you need. However I really really hope that this isn't the case and you are looked after properly.

cosmickitten · 15/06/2013 13:19

Sorry for all typos on my phone and its not going well!! My fingers must be too stubby or something!!

tametortie · 15/06/2013 15:38

No worries- did you have the erpc yesterday then?

I hope you dont mind me asking but was it ok? Is it painful?

OP posts:
cosmickitten · 15/06/2013 16:08

Yes I had my epu yesterday afternoon. For me it was pretty straight forward.

Went to the day ward at 12 pm my partner was not allowed to stay ( as it was a women's ward). I was worried about being on my own. However, the staff where lovely, every one who spoke to me started by saying they where so sorry for my loss which meant a lot.

After the nurse booked me in, the surgeon and anesthetist came to explain what happen and get consent. The paper work seems to take ages.

After they gave me oral painkillers and pessaries. I inserted the pessaries myself in similar way to putting a tampon. I then had to lie down for an hour so to let them work ( they open cervix). I had cramps like very strong period pains. It was uncomfortable but not terrible.

The erpc itself took about 10 mins and very straight forward.
Post surgery I was in pain but it wasn't too bad. I was offered more painkillers but didnt to take them. 2 hrs later I was went to loo unaided and was allowed home (at 6:30). Took co codamol for the pain last night. Today bleeding is like period and paracetamol is more than enough to deal with any pain.

Physically I found the erpc a little painful not that bad at all.

Rockchick1984 · 15/06/2013 20:07

Tame I'm so sorry for your loss Flowers

I had a MMC diagnosed at my 12 week scan, and had ERPC a few days later. Physically it was fine, I got to the hospital at 12 and was given oral painkillers at 12.30. At 1.30 I went down to theatre, and at 1.55 I woke up. The hospital staff were amazing, and made things slightly better at such a crappy time. I had no physical pain other than mild period cramps the next morning, and bleeding was no worse than a period (although lasted longer). Personally I'm incredibly glad I chose that option, a natural or medical miscarriage would have been far more traumatic for me.

Bakingtins · 15/06/2013 20:58

Tame I'm very sorry that you've heard that you've lost your baby. It's not at all horrible to be concerned with getting the physical loss over with as atraumatically as possible. I've found I just go into survival mode until the physical process is over and it's only later that I can deal with the grief aspects.
I was on progesterone pessaries in my most recent loss and stopped them at 9 weeks when baby was 3 weeks behind and no longer developing. I miscarried 2-3 days later, so that maybe gives you a timeframe for progesterone levels to drop if that is what is preventing the loss happening. If you are still in the MMC situation by your next scan then you can consider either medical management or an ERPC. I've never managed to get an ERPC as I've usually lost naturally before it could be scheduled, but I think for most women it has big advantages in knowing it's over in one short procedure. The Miscarriage Association site has good info on all the options. I hope the person who scans you on Tuesday is able to make arrangements for your wishes to be accommodated.

cosmickitten · 18/06/2013 11:56

Tame - thinking of you today x

icklemssunshine1 · 18/06/2013 13:59

So sorry for your loss. I too had a MMC in Feb at 11 weeks. I opted for an ERPC immediately & pushed to be provisionally booked in for one the afternoon after my second scan. Like the posters above I went in at 12 on a gynae ward so was alone but the nurses were lovely. I was back home by 8. I had hardly any pain, period pain was worse. I did have bleeding on & off for 2 weeks though after & AF didn't appear until 9 weeks post ERPC.

Big hugs.

tametortie · 18/06/2013 20:06

Hello All x

Thanks for the good wishes.

Scan confirmed all today but I have opted for medical management as my fertility consultant was worried about the effect of ERPC. I trust his judgement so tomorrow, I have a lovely day at home with tablets, lots of sanitary towels and painkillers.

I'll let you know how it goes x

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 18/06/2013 20:50

Sorry Tortie Sad. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

cosmickitten · 19/06/2013 13:07

Tortie thinking of you today x

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